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But at the time that was the only way I Nsa with someone younger than my daughter stop the pain of not having what I wanted. Of course, I then experienced the pain of not having him in my life at all for the next 3 years.

Unless the person stabs you or robs you or something really bad, it's a shitty thing to do to someone normal. Mostly it's a bitchy female thing to do, when they suddenly decide they can't use a person for anything, or feel they are not being sufficiently flattered. It's people incapable of normal relationships.

I have unceremoniously dropped someone for doing things I considered intrusive snooping in my house and just rude asking me out and then hitting me up for money. No amount of explanation would have convinced her that she was behaving badly, and I don't need "friends" who act like that. Choosing to cut people out of one's life has no Nsa with someone younger than my daughter to gender, but trust a DL misogynist to try to link the two. I just noticed a lot of "she"s in this thread, R22, and I have observed this behaviour in females more than men in real life.

My best friend in college was working class, like I was. She got enaged to a medical Garberville ca fucks. Swinging. We were all Black women in Shellman with each other, hanging out and all.

I was at their wedding. Then, her husband graduated his medical residency and became a physician in a well-known Wives wants hot sex Montfort headed up by a doctor who was from a super-rich society family. I called her a few times after that, like I always called to say hi, let's get together.

She made excuses about being Wives seeking nsa Eastport busy She never called me back.

There was no Sex in Olympia tonight free to my Christmas card 2 years in a row. I was 'low class. Her mother was divorced and dated a man who lived in his parents' attic for 15 years.

But her mother got lucky when she needed a root canal and wound up marrying her elderly dentist when she was in her 40s, suddenly elevating herself. My 'friend' decided she'd been elevated, too. If I ran into her today, or was forced to be in the same room with her at a professional function, I would make a point of walking up to her, looking her straight in the eye and passing by wordlessly.

This may sound strange but I am glad that someone posted this Ten years of friendship, Christmas gifts, etc I tried several times in Dec. Co workers, anybody on my xell phone it read. I an drunk abd on a tryptophan high that would kill a lesser man but what better oportunity to say that - love you and the sex is just sexondary.

I ask him why I had been cut out and he told me it was because je felt that text message had crossed a line that NSA relationships should cross.

One day Nsa with someone younger than my daughter were fine. Then suddenly no returning of phone calls, texts, IMs, or emails. And when I show up at his place on the weekend as I normally doI get the door slammed in my face, the lights turned out, and he pretends to not be home. To this day this is the last I've seen of him, and that was a year ago almost exactly. I've dropped friends, mainly because they took up too much of my time and were being too dramatic.

I know that I can seem cold, but what it really is, is that I am a bit of a loner, also I hate always going out in large groups. The friend that I dropped always bitched when he wasn;t invited to some dinner or bar gathering. I can't be friends with people who are always attached to our aside, it is too uncomfortable. Yes, I'm actually dealing with this right now. A friend of mine who I used to see fairly often about times a month and who I'd speak to every single night for a minimum of 45 minutes.

Eventually I met someon and I moved to a different city and he came down to visit me it was not Nsa with someone younger than my daughter romantic thing with my friend at ALL--he's a partnered gay male in his late 50's and I am a Nsa with someone younger than my daughter gay female in my 20's.

We no longer talked on the phone every night, but at least a couple of times a week. I have not heard from him for months. I emailed him at some point over the summer and eventually got a reply back saying he had been busy.

And this is a friend who called me on the phone every single night no matter WHAT--even if he was crazy busy, Clutton beach girls sex always touched base. It definitely was odd though and i just do not have an explanation for it. I had a friend in high school who was bullied and picked on, partly because she was from India, but mostly Nsa with someone younger than my daughter she was very unattractive.

She had a few good friends, but high school was a miserable experience for her. She went away to school and never spoke to any of us again, even her friends. At the time we had no idea why, but another friend ran into her mother several years later and she explained that our friend had been so unhappy in high school that when she left she decided to just cut all ties and start fresh. I cut off a friend suddenly a couple of years ago when I found out she was a racist.

We had been fairly close friends for years, but I guess race had just never come up before. We were out one night and for some reason she started into a long, nasty diatribe about how awful black people were. I made Nsa with someone younger than my daughter excuse to leave early, and decided on the way home to end our friendship.

I also cut off another friend during the recent election, when she posted her support of Prop 8 on Facebook. I did tell her why, and she was actually shocked about it. I guess she was stupid as well as homophobic she knows I'm a lesbian. Beyond dropping friends who were "light" friends, but about dropping long term friends suddenly, it is not a decision taken lightly. There are valid reasons. I came thru school with 2 close straight friends, I knew them, introduced them and they got married.

I knew their families quite well. I was more of a family member. One day the husband hit on me, it freaked me out. I mean big time. I didn't know what to do. He had been married 4 years, I know his Nsa with someone younger than my daughter, brother, wives parents, quite well.

I didn't know how to respond and could not tell her. If I told anybody, I would have been the demon that destroyed the family and accused of lying. Plus is grossed me out, it was like your brother hitting on you. I ignored it and gave it a few months off, which never happened in 12 years.

I came back and I was yelled at for something non-related, expect in the 12 years I never got a backlash like that for anything. He was still pissed off at me for ignoring his pass. I Nsa with someone younger than my daughter know what to do, so I walked away. A few years later, I drove past the house, they finally had kids, they were playing on the lawn in the snow. Both sides of parents had been Hot ladies seeking real sex Burlington me why they never had kids yet, know I knew the reason why.

It was really hard to leave, I had many very tough years, personally after that and I know they would have been there, but if I hadn't left, those kids would never be. I was what was stopping them. A guy I knew semi-casually and used to say hi to when our paths would cross now pretends he doesn't know me. It's odd, and the change happened overnight. It's happened Lesbian sex in Madera California me, but sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between drifting apart and being cut out, especially with straight friends as they have kids.

Nsa with someone younger than my daughter

I can remember consciously doing it only once. I lived in a house in law school with three other guys. Three of us got along well but the 4th guy was annoying. One of the good guys and I became particularly close, going on spring Nsa with someone younger than my daughter and other trips together.

A couple years later, I was invited to his wedding. I showed up and was surprised to find that the other two roommates, including Ladies want real sex NC Edenton 27932 annoying one that he hated, were groomsmen. I was a guest. I was hurt, but it also made me re-evaluate the relationship with this guy and acknowledge that I perhaps thought it was more than it was.

It was a bit awkward when he saw me there I had to travel to the wedding maybe he just didn't think I would comebut I was Nsa with someone younger than my daughter. I wonder how he's doing now, especially his dog that was part of the household.

Spare me your martyrdom R For all you know they are all miserable, or he cheats on her regularly anyway. You didn't "do the right thing," you just weren't attracted to him that way or liked her better than him.

Trying to make it into some sort of especially virtuous altruism on your part is annoyingly self-loathing. Not to mention it elevates the life of those kids to the most precious thing in the world. Humankind is best served by advancing knowledge, not popping out babies.

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This just happened to me last year. My friend and I were Nsa with someone younger than my daughter for 20 years and had a stupid fight a couple of years ago I apologized. I thought we had moved past it - we had seen each other since the fight and all was fine.

Well, I found out recently that he actually hadn't moved past it and that he doesn't think it's worth it to work it out and save our friendship. It's very disconcerting and I really do miss him horribly. If you aren't willing to talk through something with someone you've been friends Nsa with someone younger than my daughter for 20 years maybe there never was anything there to begin with.

When some really bad family stuff happened, and daugher had to cancel a lot of friend things,-shows, parties, etc, a few got miffed and graduallt abandoned me. I guess rhan weren't my friends after all. As for the previous post, whoever fuck-buddies a guy who shows his mother a text from you, or even lives close enough to his mother to do such a thing, hasn't lost much when that dweeb dumps you.

An NPR host that I met perhaps I mean, we never had an exchange more significant than "hello, how's the show going? After 10 years of friendship, my daughrer was offended I didn't care about some CD he wanted me to hear. I said I was sorry about 3 times, and I haven't heard from him since. Saw him at Walmart recently. I'm pretty sure he tried to avoid me, but I talked to him anyway for a minute. I'm sure it was more than the CD thing, but he didn't have the guts or care enough to try to work things out.

I wasn't mad at him. I didn't abandon him. I don't think I could ever have him back in my life now knowing he could leave again at any time for any reason. That's not a friend. The backstabbing 'ho my yoynger was married to not only voted for Bush again but objected to me trying to set them straight about him!

Wanna fuck a chick just lucky I wasn't within a few hundred miles when the news of her vote Nsa with someone younger than my daughter revealed or she'd be snake youngdr today.

People are animals, therefore, to expect sentiments that only a deity could possess from another human animal defines the degree of stupidity within our breed. Human animals only have needs, love and affection are simply the Discreet encounyer with a real housewife Fayetteville paper currency of our breed to get what it wants.

I've cut people out of my life and have no regrets about it. I have new friends who shares my current interests. I Nsa with someone younger than my daughter have new friends in the future who will share my future interests. Infact the thought of having some of my past friends in my life sounds like a tahn since most of them are married with kids. Imagine having to hang around that all the time. One should treat all acquaintences with a degreee of warmth, but never forget, you are dealing with another animal and it will kill even you, to survive.

This sounds like what happened to me. A girlfriend did this. It was kind of her M. I was in love with her, so it really hurt -- especially because she pretended everything was pretty great until the day Ladies seeking casual sex TN Ramer 38367 ended.

I still have dreams about the amazing disappearing fake person. I'd just as soon never think about her again.

Though maybe if we were able Nsa with someone younger than my daughter become friends, it would have become less emotionally loaded.

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Maybe thats the point. Leave without an explanation, keep them wondering forever in the back of their minds what happened and why. What the fuck did YOU have to forgive, R9? Aomeone friend didn't sleep with your fiance, it barely had anything to do with you. I wouldn't have answered your email back either, he rightly thinks you're a big self-centered douchebag. I had a good friend from 6th grade well into adulthood. She finally graduated from college at age 27 Nsa with someone younger than my daughter so, and I was there for her a lot during that last horrible yougner.

But then she got in with the Midwestern hyper-religious teacher crowd and I could tell she had really cooled to me, because I'm not exactly a frau I hadn't told her I was lesbian, though. She didn't have the balls to say anything to me about how I just wasn't the right kind of person to hang around with, Beautiful ladies seeking group sex Paterson New Jersey. She started acting weird.

She moved and I called her one day to see how the move went. She was having a party so I told her I'd call later, but she pretended that she was alone and insisted we Nsa with someone younger than my daughter like there weren't guests in her home! She also would email me asking to get together, then disappear for a few days, then email back saying she didn't get back to me because she hadn't made it into town. Except I saw her in town twice on weekends and knew she was lying. I ended up sending her an email asking her why she felt the need to keep Nsa with someone younger than my daughter to get together when she had no intention of it, and she never spoke to me daighter.

The weird thing is that for years afterwards, her friends and relatives here in town thought we were still friends because she told them we were. I had a friend who cut me out of her life for five years--would not return my or daughtwr from college's phone calls.

Then she let me back in, and slowly she's let other people get back in after Girls in Fordland sc fucking. She's never explained what happened. I don't think I've ever "cut someone out" Nsa with someone younger than my daughter was a friend.

I'm really bad about letting friendships drift apart, though. And, when I start letting things drift, it's usually because I'm going through a really bad time and don't want daghter to see me in such bad shape. I have cut off romantic interests, though. It's hard Nsa with someone younger than my daughter end a casual dating situation any other way. If you make some grand proclamation, you sound stupid because the other person is thinking, "uh, we only went youngger once or twice, dramarama I've had a straight friend for ten years.

Five years ago he introduced me to two guys he's known since grammar school. A few weeks ago I asked about them. He hasn't spoken to them since they said he younber have gay friends. My friend said he wouldn't have mentioned it if I hadn't asked. Their wives have no problems with gays and understands why my friend stopped talking them.

About eight years ago I met two uys he's known since grammar school. He said he hasn't spoken to them said he was sick for having gay friends.

My friend he wouldn't have mentioned it if I hadn't asked. If you drop someone and they want to know why and you explain, they try to convince you to change your mind. Don't waste your time. You made the right decision. Twenty years ago I had a very sick cat. A friend said she'd lend me a carrier the next day to take my critter to the vet at 9: When I called at 8: When I relayed the story to a mutual friend a few years later. He said the woman always wondered why I haven't called lately.

Grow up and find some insight. They're not necessarily angry or even hurt. Maybe they found you whiny? I'd dump you too. And Naked Tampa Florida girls doing so, he's telling dauggter all you need to know. Women looking casual sex North York the point in engaging you? Who wants Nsa with someone younger than my daughter fucking debate?

Or even an apology. Once you're done, you're done. They found themselves OVER you. Maybe they aren't mad. Maybe they aren't angry. Maybe they're just over you and have decided to move on. Lookign for a Worcester girl happened to my brother.

He knew this guy since the 9th grade school year all the way to their mid 30s. One summer day, back inhe daugbter my brother and me to his son's 1st someome party. At the party, I was sitting on a lawn chair in the backyard, and he the friend sat not 3 feet behind me with one of his newfound paramedic what upwardly mobile people friends.

I was just minding my own damn business. Eaughter not say a word that could offend either of them. Then Nsa with someone younger than my daughter drops the bombshell.

Just said it casually, just like he had told somebody the time. I told my brother what happened after we left the party and he didn't want to believe it. Fast forward a year later. Paramedic friend is in an accident and ends up in the hospital. A mutual friend calls him. He doesn't return the calls. Gets out of hospital. Finally, my brother and the other friend just cut off ties with the paramedic Nsa with someone younger than my daughter.

Been cut off since I can't make heads nor tails of your story, R72, but I think if you're the Springfield ball player looking for a score of person to look down on a paramedic because they're not upwardly mobile enough, then you really ARE a loser.

I had an extremely abusive father growing up, and my mother never did anything to protect me from his psychotic rages. My life as an adult has been pretty fucked up as a result, but when I was in my twenties, I still harbored hopes that I could turn my life around, and that inspired me to treat my mother with some compassion.

However, when Soemone hit my thirties and my my life continued in the same rut, I just grew to resent her more and more. Our phone conversations gradually dwindled to at most twice a year, and when I moved cross-country 3 years ago at age 38I simply didn't tell her.

Ladies seeking sex Octa keep imagining what her reaction must have been like when she made her annual Christmas call, only to get "I'm sorry, the number you have reached has been disconnected. I know this is horrible, and some days I sit up with a wifh in the middle of the night thinking "Oh my god, what have I done!

Yes - I've done this with an ex-boyfriend, family members and so-called friends who were negative and toxic. However, it wasn't really without an explanation.

Daubhter always voiced that I didn't like how I was being treated and gave them a chance to change their behavior. If the negativity continued, I cut them off. If anything, I waited too long to do it. I met this woman while attending college and we became fast friends for about 7 years.

She even wanted to start a business with me. Fast forward to the day that I told her my Nsa with someone younger than my daughter had gotten a job in another state and we were moving. I'd gone to her house to help her work out some issues with the business, and she took off to pick up her daughter.

I sat in her house for 2 hours before finally deciding that she wasn't coming back anytime soon and told her other daughter to tell her mom to call me when she got home. It's interesting that the circumstances surrounding these stories are different, and yet being dropped for no reason stays with someone. It's a unique phenomenon, and given the relationship context I think has the potential to really hurt someone over the long run.

Have any researchers ever done any psychological studies on people who are ignored or abandoned suddenly and without explanation and the effects? Some of us may romanticise that Nsa with someone younger than my daughter is more, but there isn't.

One should treat all acquaintences with a degreee of warmth, but never forget, you are dealing Naughty housewives want hot sex Hazelwood another animal and it will kill even you, to survive".

Then you haven't given it much thought, daghter than what a victim you are. And that means your selfish. And who wants to be friend with that. And that Nsa with someone younger than my daughter you're selfish. And who wants to be friends with that?

Nsa with someone younger than my daughter I Looking Man

I'd drop you, too. Somekne R87, given the society in which we live, you surely can't believe that navel gazing is going to get you anywhere in life. R71, isn't it thzn that, in an effort to maintain a happy, healthy heart, avoiding debate and pointless conflict and wild negativity might be the best way? The other dauughter off is a toxic person cutting a nice person off without reason because they are psycho and just use people.

I've lost touch with old friends, but I've never been in a situation where someone was purposely cutting me or vice ykunger. The worse example of this happened Housewives personals in Fisher AR a girl I used aith know.

Her boyfriend's way of breaking up with her was to move to a different city and not tell her. He just disappeared and then later, friends told her that he had moved. The people who are so black and white about it have clearly not experienced many sides to this coin.

I've been cut off several times and younge, it hurts, and I feel Nsa with someone younger than my daughter and depressed, regardless if I second-guess myself enough to summon up some reason for why they did it. On the other side, I have absolutely cut people off with no regret, and I don't care what they think, either. My ideal is to compassionately explain where I'm coming from, but in reality, someome or simply no response is sometimes the most appropriate r compassionate action.

Is the best thing to respond to her and say "I have no respect for you, you drunkard piece of shit. You treat your employees and children like crap, not always paying the wages that were earned, using people for your own purposes.

You're an idiot who doesn't even think through thaan political issues. You never grew as a person and nothing to contribute. You're doing the same thing today that we were doing back when we Nsa with someone younger than my daughter I have no interest and want nothing to do with you.

Because sometimes the only way I've grown and Intimate relationship Bangor Maine for the better is when someone confronted me dqughter like you propose there Remaining silent is certainly the easier, more drama-free path. It saves you grief, for sure. But in reality it does the raughter person Beautiful ladies want casual dating Omaha real favor.

But end the end, they might internalize it, be just introspective enough to see the kernels of truth, and eventually turn over a new leaf. When people cut me off, I'm just self-absorbed enough to always think Nsa with someone younger than my daughter was something I've done. The truth is, Horny Hurricane moms for dating it could have absolutely nothing to do with me at all.

But if it does, I'd rather, honestly! I was going on a short 4 day vacation, and I needed someone to look after my elderly, sickly cat. A friend -- youngef a super close one, but a nice guy I knew well enough -- volunteered.

Since there were no other volunteers, I accepted. I'd always liked the guy. Anyway, it was simple I walked dauughter through everything, showed him sNa, it was no big deal.

Oh yeah, and Horny Brentwood New York ladies in the mail. Now, the problem woth that my kitty had an inoperable tumor near his bowels, and he was easily constipated. The medicine was a stool softener, and he needed youngr drink water as well.

He was fine if these simple steps were followed. He dauguter have lived for years. I come home four days later to Kansas City Missouri women who want sex an Nsa with someone younger than my daughter food bowl, an empty water bowl.

The mailbox key hadn't been moved from where I left it. My cat was in agony on the floor, constipated. I rushed him to the emergency vet clinic it was late at nightand they managed to extract the impacted bowel movement, hydrate him, etc. I brought him home, but he was never the same, and got constipated again within the week, and then again When I picked up my house key from my friend, I didn't confront him, especially since he talked and acted like he had tan over and done everything he Nsa with someone younger than my daughter asked to.

Only I know damn well he didn't. But the truth is, there are some people who will never learn. You have to youngerr the cost. Sometimes it's best to wipe your hands of it, because guaranteed, being the messenger brings all the shit your way. I finally decided that it was not my responsibility to force or help others to grow. My only responsibility is to work to make ME a better person. But, if the opportunity presents in a way that looks to be helpful to someone in a way that doesn't crucify me, I definitely go for it.

You know, R92, I spent a dauyhter of years telling people dauhgter I was cutting them off when I did. It wasn't a lot of people, over a decade or so, mostly old high school pseudo-friends who I finally was able to shake off. Telling them why never worked out. It came back to me in gossip, or caused their friends to contact me to tell me point-by-point why I was wrong, stuff like that.

Finally found out it was because he'd gotten back together with an ex he'd spent the past few months calling an abusive psycho and was upset about the bad things I'd said about him during the time they were broken up.

A Nsa with someone younger than my daughter thaan back I was arrested for buying a whole bunch of drugs, most of which was for my friends. I had to go through the humiliation of being arrested and going into an outpatient rehab for 13 months, where I was piss tested twice a week for the duration, to get the charges dismissed.

Given the seriousness of the situation, I did not expect my friends to stop partying, but had hoped they would at least stop while I was present. When addressing someone with a history of abuse or illegal behavior, it's often useful for the victim to reassert control they've lacked.

But then there are people who -- I agree with r90, younher have psychological issues -- Sexy women wants cam chat it in thaan less dire situations somelne maintain control. It's like bringing a gun to a debate without letting the other parties have Free chat rooms in Kilmarnock opportunity to arm themselves equally.

It's a surprise attack. Personally, I think witj the option of cowards, sociopaths and damaged people -- inherently unfair if you've agreed to have any kind of emotional relationship with that person in the first place. Maybe your friend got fired and dumped on the same day and is just in a tailspin that has nothing to do with you. Maybe your friend hates sports and that's all you ever talk about.

He decides it's boring to spend time with you. Doesn't make you a bad person or mean you did anything "wrong. We had friends who we discovered were liars and drama queens. One had a prison record and tended to towards thuggish. We decided to cool it. After several emails I decided it was not right to just cut them off. So, I wrote a very diplomatic explaination without pointing fingers. On comes a deluge of abusive emails and public scenes. The lesson I learned is that they just don't really want to know why you dumped osmeone.

But I realized this relationship was more work than it was worth. He would do jounger and everything to avoid conflict. I went along with it for years -- so I'm just as guilty as he is in creating and nurturing tounger "situation. I found myself compromising more than he would, doing things I didn't want to do, and, worst of all, hanging out with people who I didn't Nsx to.

I was disrespecting myself. He would let things simmer, in an effort to avoid confrontation, until they exploded and made no sense. He couldn't remember what I said at Sweet women want real sex Sunshine Coast Queensland party three years ago!!!

I began to realize that I was expected to accept a lot -- again, I had helped create that dynamic. I had several talks with him about these themes and this dynamic, but nothing changed. So, I gradually but decidedly pulled back. The relationship had begun to be pretty unhealthy for me.

I was left to process alone. People grow and change and develop and yoounger. What's Single women looking sex tonight Darien than being cut Horny girls in 40311 mass completely is being 'downgraded' or phased out of someone's life despite their protests that they want to maintain a friendship with you.

It really hurts daughteg you trust someone enough to take Nsa with someone younger than my daughter at their word only to discover their true sentiments via their actions. R is clearly still working through her issues and feelings of being phased out. Of course, it's a different when you've been friends 20 years and your friendship has weathered ups and downs. At that point it's more like a marriage, and it would be difficult to let go overnight. I just grew tired of his games He'd find little opportunities to shit on me younver front of other people.

He also talked trash to me about nearly all of our mutual friends, and I gradually realized he must be doing that to me Ladies seeking hot sex Fort Blackmore well.

There was no big incident that prompted the cutting off; just a quiet click inside me one day that said, "Done.

I feel badly that I never soemone his half-dozen dahghter phone calls, including the last one in which he wanted to know if I was OK. But I just couldn't do it. I think people who are cut out witj someone's life ususally have some sense as to why. When they express confusion, I don't usually buy it. In Nsw experience, these are the individuals who have little insight into their own behavior or the relationship.

I'm kinda going through this right now. She will make any excuse not to go to the movies, bars, etc. She will call me or text maybe every two weeks to see how I'm doing and she usually lets me talk about everything and I tan like I have to drag information out of her. I've confronted her about these Fem female seeking the same and she became very defensive, telling me that she does not hang out without her husband, which I thought was an unfair statement.

I think I really need to get rid of her and find someone new to pal around with. She also claims to have social anxiety disorder which I think is a bunch of bull. Becoming a parent can feel like you've been hit by a truck.

It's much harder to work at being in touch with old friends, particularly if they spmeone Nsa with someone younger than my daughter live in the same city In conclusion since you never came back to clarify youhger add detailsthe person or people who you perceive as "cutting you out of their lives" may simply have lost touch with you and vice versa.

R, I have absolutely no desire to see a movie in a movie theater, and no desire to go to a bar. I cannot stand the way people behave in movie theaters and going to a movie at a yoinger is way more trouble than it is worth logistically. It may not be you, but the actitivites you are suggesting. And your friend Nsa with someone younger than my daughter indeed have some agoraphobia and social anxiety. It is pretty common in today's society and many cities make it unpleasant to go out.

I have let all my high school and undergrad college friends just drift away. I went on to grad. Not much in common to talk about. I also someeone my college roommate who still lives in my city go. Our friendship over the years was mostly to her advantage with little reciprocation.

Get a South Point in last communication we had was a phone call from her the day I was moving to my first house.

She got pissed when I didn't Nsa with someone younger than my daughter everything to look up something for her, even though the movers were packing up the phonebooks. If the college students require more supervision than they provide value, that might mean more union jobs, but it will also mean that they won't do much good to the institution they're supposedly serving. Is this a political difficulty that has already been resolved with past community service proposals?

Is there some obvious way of finessing it, for tha by making sure that the community servants will only go someome institutions that unions are for some reason not interested in organizing? For instance, say what you Tampere or chat anyone about mandatory military service, it's unlikely to thsn into this sort of particular obstacle, at least dayghter long as the military sticks with military service and doesn't take over traditionally unionized civilian programs.

I should stress that this need not be a normative argument against the propriety of mandatory Nsa with someone younger than my daughter yuonger though I'm certainly open to such normative argumentsbut only a question about the likely politics of the matter.

I should also stress that these questions really are just questions — I'm not remotely expert on the youbger, and it might well be that there are very simple and satisfactory answers to them that I just haven't thought of. Soemone know and much liked Dan since the early s, when we both lived in D. Dxughter out the story about his campaign against Arkansas' interior designer youngsr scheme, and more, at Reason.

So let me get this right--those who are Adult want hot sex Federal Dam Minnesota about the passage of Proposition 8 in California have decided that the thing to do is to pick on the Mormons? So one marginalized group decides that the way to go is to vent their outrage against another marginalized group in society?

Relying on Exit Polls are dicey, of course. But according to the Exit Pollsthe decisive difference in Proposition 8's passage was two reasons. There were 10, votes wuth on Prop 8. The winning margin wasNsa with someone younger than my daughter. So that means there were 1, votes cast someeone black voters. That right there provided a difference ofvotes. There was an article in the Tgan Post on this today. A majority of Hispanic voters also supported Proposition 8.

The second group that strongly Nsa with someone younger than my daughter Prop 8 appear to be Married people with children under the age of So if the protestors want to vent their outrage, maybe they oughta go over to the local black church and call them "bigots" and chant "shame on you. Whereas Nsa with someone younger than my daughter is going to stick up for the Mormons?

Other than that vast and powerful well-oiled Mormon political machine that launched Mitt Romney into the White House this year, of course.

This is utterly shameful behavior. I understand why the losers on Proposition 8 are frustrated. But scapegoating the Mormons simply because it is politically-correct to single them out is really over the line. Read the linked story for the sorts of Mormon-bashing advertisements that were being run by the anti-Prop 8 groups.

This is certainly an interesing definition of "tolerance" of those who don't agree with you. I hope that these folks calm down and think a little about wth this is the best youngef of advancing their cause. Whatever one thinks of same-sex marriage, this is a question on which thoughtful people of goodwill can and do disagree.

It is a perfectly reasonable and good-faith position to believe that marriage is a unique institution formed around childrearing. And to see same-sex relationships as fundamentally a bilateral partnership between two adults that can be governed by legal institutions like civil unions that create and preseve rights and obligations between two adults and to give the opportunity to form a long-lasting mutually-supportive loving bond without it being centered on the Zanesville OH dating personals organizational principle of childrearing.

And it is significant that married people with children apparently simply see this issue differently from everyone else--I speak from experience that marriage and children simply can and should change you as a somrone and your worldview. Maybe one disagrees with this argument or these people. But it is a perfectly compassionate and coherent position and it simply is not necessarily bigotry or gay-bashing to believe that.

Barack Obama says he is against same-sex marriage--does that make him a bigot? That's not to say that some anti-gay bigots voted for Prop 8. But apparently the pro-8 side does not have a monopoly on bigotry. I should have tan that given the unusual history of Mormons in the United States and their periodic struggles with polygamist schism groups, it is easy to understand why the mainstream Mormon Church would have a particular interest in opposing efforts to weaken the traditional definition of marriage.

Via GlennI see that I spoke too soon--apparently blacks are getting their share of the wrath as well as reported here:. It was like being at a klan rally except the klansmen were wearing Abercrombie polos and Birkenstocks. Someone else said same thing to me on the next block near the temple My apologies--I hadn't seen this aspect of the story reported previously.

Looks like political correctness is not a restraint after all. I should just make clear that, while zeugmas are to be younyer, dvandvas Nsa with someone younger than my daughter just fine.

David Hoffman at Concurring Opinions ponders why so many law professors particularly those of us who blog assume that they we? Among other things, he thinks law professor bloggers have drawn "the wrong lesson from someonw students' willingness to write down every word they say.

Not everything a professor says is interesting. When 40, 60,or more students laugh at your jokes, I guess it becomes easy to forget. Generally, people add value by writing and talking about things they know soneone about. Most law professors have no personal experience with the innards of a modern osmeone campaign serving as an consultant on a soneone about a substantive legal issue isn't the same at all.

We aren't well positioned to know what commercial will appeal to lower-middle-class voters, or what song will inspire youth turnout. But we've blogged about it anyway. This is pure speculation, but if I had to guess, I'd predict Sarah Palin will not run for President in dauguter Let's face it--a person with 5 somwone, including a special-needs child, can take off two months of her wiht and run for Vice-President.

And let's further face it--Vice-President is not that hard of a job. But taking off youbger years away thxn home to trudge around Iowa and New Hampshire? Honestly, I don't know why anyone would want to do that--I read that Chris Dodd actually enrolled his kids in Iowa schools when he was running for President.

That's pretty weird, if you ask me. You have Nsa with someone younger than my daughter be relatively unusual person ok, "sick" is the word I'm really thinking someon to undertake the project of running for President.

As for Palin, of course I don't know that much about her or what makes her tick. But for all her quirks and controversy, she seems like a basically sane, balanced person and a dedicated and fulfilled mother. And she and her family appear to really like living in Alaska Tina Fey's jokes beside the point.

So it seems to me that going through this maelstrom for 2 months as a Vice-Presidential candidate traveling with her family in the high style of a national presidential campaign is one thing. But for two years on the rubber-chicken Nsa with someone younger than my daughter It is hard for me to believe that she'd put herself and her family through that. But that's just a guess. If McCain had won, that might be a different story.

She could presumably could have balanced a campaign for someoen presidency with mg duties as VP. But I don't see it happening otherwise. Although perhaps when her kids are older, especially if she ends up in the Senate at some point. Since it is never too early to start the next campaign, I'm guessing Romney's the Republican front-runner for at this point barring some unforeseen new Nsa with someone younger than my daughter on the Nsa with someone younger than my daughter.

My sense is that a lot of Republicans already had buyers-remorse that they Woman want sex tonight Sheyenne North Dakota rally behind him this time, especially once the economy emerged as the major issue.

And Eugene's post on the Georgia run-off suggests that Romney is already committed to traveling the country building up support between now and then. Republicans are going to get used to him and trust him more between now and then.

Talk radio and grassroots conservatives warmed to him a lot when he remained as the conservative alternative to McCain. Finally, unlike Guiliani and Thompson, Republicans seemed to yiunger more attracted to Romney the more they saw of him. Huckabee will probably be around, but I can't see him as being more than a spoiler again. Who might be a possible new face on the scene? The most likely candidate, I think, would be Jeb Bush. He's generally regarded as the more able of the two brothers anyway.

And one could imagine him have the organization and fund-raising potential to emerge four years from now. And, Nsa with someone younger than my daughter he is from an important state and hounger the potential to recapture some Hispanic support Nsa with someone younger than my daughter the Republicans. And every conservative intellectual I've met who has met Jeb has really been impressed by the guy's smarts and commitment to conservative someond more than his brother and his father.

The drawbacks of being another Bush are pretty obvious as well. And as a Nsa with someone younger than my daughter, I'll even start the Comment thread.

On Tuesday, while the rest of us were focused on the election, the U. Court of Appeals for the D. Circuit issued a fascinating opinion. Department of the Treasurythe Duaghter unanimously rejected constitutional and statutory challenges to federal regulations limiting academic study abroad programs held in Cuba.

In the process, the Court offered an extended analysis of the plaintiffs' standing to challenge the regulations, and two of the judges -- Senior Circuit Daughtet Harry Edwards and Laurence Silberman -- authored concurring opinions on the question of whether the U. Constitution protects academic freedom. Inthe Treasury Department tightened its regulations governing educational travel to Cuba. Concerned that some individuals took advantage of educational programs to engage in otherwise-illegal tourism or business activities, the Department decided to restrict authorized educational programs to those that consist of at least one full academic term of ten-weeks or longer and limiting participation in such programs to students enrolled full-time and faculty "regularly employed" at the offering institution.

A practical effect of this rule was to eliminate shorter educational programs and prevent students studying at one school from participating in a Cuba study-abroad program offered by Do you need a sponsor school. After concluding Nsa with someone younger than my daughter ECDET had standing to challenge the regulations, the Court rather easily daughteer the coalition's constitutional claims.

As understood by the court, the coalition's academic freedom claims were essentially claims that regulations imposed unconstitutional burdens on coalition members' free speech rights. The regulations at issue impose no content-based restriction on the speech or expression of any of the coalition's participants and, the Court concluded, furthered an important governmental interest in restricting travel to Cuba and support for the Cuban regime, such as by restricting the regime's access to hard currency.

Even though the regulations had the practical effect of virtually eliminating certain types of academic programs in Cuba -- and therefore eliminated academic content unavailable elsewhere -- they are still content neutral.

The Court gave even less credence to ECDET's right to travel argument, found little basis to question neutral travel restrictions imposed across-the-board on all American citizens due to foreign policy concerns. Senior Judges Edwards and Silberman both wrote concurrences addressing the broader question of whether there is a constitutionally protected right to academic freedom beyond the express protections afforded by the Bill of Rights.

Academic freedom is not an easy concept to grasp, and its breadth is far from clear. It has generally been understood to protect and foster the independent and uninhibited exchange of ideas among teachers and students and the serious pursuit of scholarship among members of the academy. Nonetheless, Judge Edwards Nsa with someone younger than my daughter, ECDET's claims did "not raise any serious questions about the contours of academic freedom," so there was no need for the court to leave such questions unresolved.

Judge Silberman, who also wrote the opinion for the Court, wrote a concurring opinion of his own. According to Judge Silberman, "the very notion of academic freedom—as a concept distinct from the actual textual provisions of the First Amendment—is elusive. After all, he wondered, why would universities be entitled Naughty wives wants real sex Williams such special treatment?

It is hard Housewives looking sex tonight Fruitland Park question the importance of universities, and other institutions of higher learning, to the maintenance of a free and orderly society.

Yet this does not mean that such institutions, as Nsa with someone younger than my daughter, are entitled to special constitutional protections above and beyond those provided by other recognized rights. HellerI Nsa with someone younger than my daughter struck by the following passage one Free black teen phone sex party lines break added:.

The phrase "bear Arms" also had at the time of the founding an idiomatic meaning that was significantly different from its natural meaning: Rather, they manufacture a hybrid definition, whereby "bear arms" connotes the actual carrying of arms and therefore is not really an idiom but only in the service of an organized militia.

No dictionary has ever adopted that definition, and we have been apprised of Nsa with someone younger than my daughter source that indicates that it carried that meaning at the time of the founding. But it is easy to see why petitioners and the dissent are driven to the hybrid definition. Giving "bear Arms" its idiomatic meaning would cause the protected right to consist of the right to be 40 year old femalelooking soldier or Nsa with someone younger than my daughter wage war--an absurdity that no commentator has ever endorsed.

Worse still, the phrase "keep and bear Arms" would be incoherent. The word "Arms" would have two different meanings at once: It would be rather like saying "He filled and kicked the bucket" to mean "He filled the bucket and died. That there's a zeugma you're talking about, Mr.

I should note that the word "zeugma" appears in Westlaw's Allcases database Nsa with someone younger than my daughter times Nsa with someone younger than my daughter all of them either in the name Zeugma Corp. Boeynaems, Bishop of Zeugma and, yes, there is likely a connection to the word, but rather remote.

The first round in the battle Nsa with someone younger than my daughter is looking like it will be fought out in Georgia [on Dec. With Local Brookeland Texas pussy Senate race in Georgia headed for a run-off, Sen. One Republican operative with ties to Chambliss said that with the Democrats controlling at least 57 seats in the new Senate, any Republican who wants to be in the mix for will want to stop by Georgia I suspect that the run-off itself might also be a preview ofbecause it will involve a Republican-Democrat contest without the turnout surge and in particular without President-Elect Obama's being on the ballot.

If the result isn't just not far off from the result on Nov. If the result isor of course if Democrat Jim Martin wins, then this will make the Democrats feel that there's a solid pro-Democrat tide even among the regular voters and not just the extra Nov. Naturally, it's a mistake to plan too confidently for the future in politics. A lot can and will change from toand from to Still, my sense is that politicos tend to care quite a bit about such admittedly imperfect signals, partly because they are often the only game in town.

Consider the attention paid to special elections as indicators of what's likely to happen in the next regular election. So I think that a lot of people are going to be watching the Georgia race very carefully, not just for its bottom-line outcome but also for the spread as well as for the actions of Naughty lady seeking sex tonight Frederick prospective candidates.

My recent post on the likely need for a renewed libertarian-conservative political alliance has drawn numerous comments and some commentary on other blogs. Interested readers might want to check out the Volokh Conspiracy's earlier extended discussion of "fusionism" as the libertarian-conservative coalition was traditionally known back in Federal law doesn't bar permanent resident noncitizens from getting guns, and neither does Washington State law.

But Washington law requires that noncitizens get a special alien firearm license, and the Nsa with someone younger than my daughter Department of Licensing is refusing to issue such licenses: We are unable to issue alien firearms licenses at this time. The Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI has told law enforcement agencies it is against Springfield Illinois needed for oily fun law Nsa with someone younger than my daughter use federal databases for background checks if they share the results with a non-criminal justice agency such as the Department of Licensing.

The NRA, the Second Amendment Foundation, and Housewives wants real sex Granite Quarry permanent residents who live in Washington Looking for a Great Falls or not lol now suingclaiming this violates the Second Amendment which they argue is incorporated against the states via the Fourteenth Amendment as well as the Equal Protection Clause and 42 U.

For more on the general legal theories involved, see this post of mine from three months ago. For more on the litigation, see this Seattle Post-Intelligencer article. Note that the Washington Constitution's right to bear arms is of no help to noncitizens, because — unlike some other state constitutions e. By the way, here's the 42 U. This statute — enacted shortly after the Civil War — provides emphasis added" All persons within the jurisdiction of the United States shall have the same right in every State and Territory to make and enforce contracts, to sue, be parties, give evidence, and to the full and equal benefit of all laws and proceedings for the security of persons and property as is enjoyed by white citizensand shall be subject to like punishment, pains, penalties, taxes, licenses, and exactions of every kind, and to no other.

This doesn't just bar race discrimination, but also discrimination against noncitizens as to the subjects involved. The state constitutional provision securing a right to bear arms, and state laws related to concealed carry licenses, are "laws Though the logic of this statutory argument might extend beyond lawfully admitted resident aliens, federal gun statutes generally bar gun possession by illegal aliens and by most aliens who have nonimmigrant visas.

It is not often that a federal appellate judge criticizes the litigation strategy employed by a party before the court. It is also not very often that a party reverses its position in the midst of litigation after prevailing in its initial position. I write separately only to express my dismay at the events referenced in footnote 2 of that opinion. APCC adhered to that position sufficiently strongly to occasion the considerable allocation of resources of this court to a divided opinion in APCC Servs.

While the court divided on other questions as well, my entire dissent was devoted to the basic question: This was the position taken by APCC before us in that litigation and one which occasioned considerable devotion of the resources and time of the court.

Their standing then would have been clear, and they not only would have prevailed anyway, they would have prevailed more quickly. Whether this strange litigation strategy constituted an apparently successful attempt to gain an advisory opinion for some other cause, I cannot know. However, I share the dismay of the litigant NET, mixed with a bewilderment as to why this came about.

The state constitutional challenge to Prop 8 turns out to be more interesting than I initially supposed. The California constitution recognizes two types of changes: It did not get the prior approval of two-thirds of each house of the state legislature.

But if it turns out that Prop 8 was a "revision" rather than an "amendment" then Prop 8 violated the procedural requirements for Nsa with someone younger than my daughter the state constitution and is therefore unconstitutional. In that case, Prop 8 supporters would first need to get the approval of two-thirds of each state house, which is extremely unlikely given that the state legislature has twice voted to extend marriage to same-sex couples.

So back to the question, which is it: Recent posts by Eugene and Stephen Bainbridge argue that Prop 8 is an amendment. They cite cases in California which indicate that the distinction turns on the extensiveness and numerosity of the changes wrought Cheating wives Montpelier Vermont a Nsa with someone younger than my daughter change. I urge you to read their excellent posts, as I will assume your knowledge of them here.

On this view, changes that affect multiple constitutional provisions, like the proposed addition of 21, words to the state constitution in one case Professor Bainbridge cites, would be revisions, as would be attempts to reallocate judicial power to the legislature.

Changes that affect only a discrete and narrow set of rights or provisions would be an amendment. Prop 8 added only 14 words to the state constitution, adds only one provision, and deals only with the discrete issue of defining marriage.

In their view, it does not deal with a host of constitutional rights or alter the basic structure of state government or the role of the state judiciary in it. This argument may be accepted by the California courts. If forced to bet, I'd bet it will Online sex chatting with locals from Edinburgh. However, the issue presented by Prop 8 is different in important respects from any that the state courts have previously confronted.

In a brief filed yesterday several legal groups representing gay couples argue that Prop 8 is a revision. You should read their brief if you want to get into the weeds Nsa with someone younger than my daughter the argument Adult sex meet in grant colorado, but I can summarize the heart of it fairly succinctly: Prop 8 stripped 1 a fundamental right marriage from 2 a suspect class gays.

Because of the importance of these changes, they argue, it is thus a revision and not an amendment. First, can a fundamental right be denied through amendment, requiring only a majority vote of the people?

Second, can a bare majority target a suspect class by mere amendment? Either of these alone would present a novel issue for the state courts. Important rights of criminal defendants were at issue in Raven v. Deukmejian52 Cal 3d Cal.

Together, they're a Nsa with someone younger than my daughter of constitutional change. Now you may disagree that the fundamental right to marry extends to same-sex couples. You may also disagree that sexual orientation classifications are suspect, requiring heightened judicial scrutiny. Both objections are well-grounded, are the majority view in other state court systems, and may well be Whores in Camden Arkansas ma. But the California Supreme Court disagrees with you on both points, as it held in its marriage decision last May.

Unless it reverses its decision, the court could take the importance of the right declared and the suspect nature of the discrimination into account when it decides what kind of constitutional change Prop 8 would be. The California Supreme Court has held that the difference between an amendment and a revision turns on both "quantitative and qualitative" factors, and that "substantial changes in either respect could amount to a revision.

Thus, even if we thought that Prop 8 affected relatively few constitutional provisions say, the state's equal protection and due-process guaranteeschanges to these provisions might be regarded as "substantial qualitative " reforms in the content of basic constitutional principles. In Are there any women that wont chicken out the difference between a revision and an amendment, we dauguter ask what purpose the distinction serves.

The revision process requires Nsw more deliberation and Nsa with someone younger than my daughter womeone before a constitutional change is made. I can see an argument, Nsa with someone younger than my daughter the lines implied by Professor Bainbridge and Eugene, that more deliberation and consensus should be Nsa with someone younger than my daughter before extensive and numerous changes are made in the basic design of state government.

This is because such changes involve great complexity and have far-reaching consequences that should not be decided by dueling second TV ads. The distinction Nsa with someone younger than my daughter revision and amendment is thus a procedural protection for the basic design of government.

Otherwise, fundamental constitutional rights enjoy no more protection from majorities than ordinary statutory rights. And protected minorities have no more protection against majorities than those majorities themselves see fit to grant them by grace.

Consider a couple of analogies. Aside from the obvious Nsa with someone younger than my daughter constitutional issues involved, would the change be considered an "amendment" or a "revision" under the California constitution? Again putting aside the invalidity of such a change under the federal constitution, would the change be an "amendment" or a "revision" under the California constitution?

Neither involves extensive changes to the state constitution, or numerous or profound changes to the basic structure of California government, or an alteration of the judicial role. Each involves the denial of a fundamental right to a protected class, just as Prop 8 does again, according to the California Supreme Court.

If Prop 8 is different, how is it different? Just because gays are involved? Under California law, whether you agree or not, gays stand on the same plane as any other protected class.

Discrimination against them is as suspect as it is against blacks or Mormons. And also under California law, marriage is as fundamental for them as it is for blacks and Look for a cougar pussy n Hartford nc important dayghter them as political speech is for Mormons. It's just a thought experiment, of course, Nsa with someone younger than my daughter we would never dream of amending a constitution to make such dajghter changes eliminating the important rights of racial and religious Sweet wife want nsa Milwaukee. But if the question were presented, it's not obvious to me that the issue would be resolved by counting the words in the hypothetical amendments, tallying the number of constitutional provisions affected, or asking simply whether the judicial Nsa with someone younger than my daughter had been compromised.

It's plausible that the courts would say these are "revisions" requiring approval by two-thirds of each house of the state legislature followed by a majority vote at the ballot box.

Indeed, before Prop 8, no state had ever changed its constitution to deny a fundamental right to a suspect class of people. Thus, the two state supreme court decisions Eugene cites one from Alaska and one from Oregon where similar procedural challenges were unsuccessfully lodged against anti-gay marriage amendments, arise from quite different doctrinal contexts than the California case presents.

Neither of those state supreme courts had taken either of daughrer landmark steps taken by the California Supreme Court last May. I make no prediction about how the California courts will resolve these questions. What they will actually do probably depends in part on what they think the political and other consequences of overturning Prop 8 would be. A somoene invalidating Prop 8 would infuriate both opponents youngwr gay marriage and those wary tthan judicial intrusion in important matters of public policy.

There would be a backlash, which might well result in attempts to recall some of the justices Nsa with someone younger than my daughter the California Supreme Court.

It's happened before in California, as anyone old enough to remember the name "Rose Bird" can tell you. While in theory the possibility of such a backlash should not matter to judicial decisions, in Nsq it would be surprising youngsr it didn't. I'm also not saying that a ruling against Prop 8 would necessarily be in the long-term best interests of the gay-marriage movement. It's a complicated calculus. On the one hand, California is a big prize in lots of ways and getting gay marriage there sooner might hasten things elsewhere in the country.

Nsa with someone younger than my daughter would also help gay families in the state, who stand to lose a lot while waiting another decade or so for their marriages to be validated in another proposition battle.

On the other hand, I think gay marriage will eventually win at the ballot box in California and will win in a few state legislatures even before that happens. The risk of invalidating Prop 8 is that you scare a few more states into enacting constitutional barriers just as the political and cultural winds are shifting in your favor. However, there probably aren't more than a handful of states left that would enact constitutional gay-marriage bans.

I'm also dubious about the underlying constitutional claims and prefer legislative to judicial action on this subject. Even as a doctrinal and precedential matter, moreover, the narrowest reading of the California precedents is probably Daughger to the view expressed by Professor Bainbridge and Eugene than it is to the view expressed by the Prop 8 challengers. The state courts are perfectly free to limit the precedents to their facts and thus dismiss the Prop 8 challenge.

Prop 8 doesn't involve numerous or profound changes in the basic structure of state government. But if the courts ask why there is a distinction between revision and amendment, and answer that the distinction also provides Tired of the xxx sexy just call structural safeguard for what the courts themselves regard as a vulnerable minority exercising a fundamental right, it's not obvious that the challenge should fail.

See a contrary view from Beautiful adult seeking sex encounters Kenosha Calvin Massey here.

I've seen some people implicitly or explicitly condemning those Alaskans who voted for Sen. Stevens, and apparently gave him a narrow victory. How could they vote for someone who was pretty obviously a Nsa with someone younger than my daughter Set aside those who might think the conviction was unfounded; presumably many voted for him even though they had little reason to doubt the accuracy of daughteer jury's finding.

Seems to me that it's pretty easy: It seems nearly certain that Stevens will be Nsa with someone younger than my daughter, which means he will youger replaced, likely -- in heavily Republican Alaska -- by a Republican in the next special election. The question whether there'll be a temporary appointed replacementalso a Republican, is irrelevant here.

And this prospect was clear at the time of the election as well. So the choice isn't between getting a Republican crook youngrr getting a Democratic noncrook. It's between getting a Republican crook for a very short time followed by a Republican noncrook and getting a Democratic noncrook. Anyone who generally thinks the Republican Party is better than the Democratic Party e. Stevens, even if he thought Stevens was a crook who doesn't deserve to be in the Senate. The same is true of anyone who Nsa with someone younger than my daughter government that's as split as possible, given his anticipation of a Democratic victory in many places.

This is not exactly the point I made in my "vote the party, not the candidate" post ; recall that there was a "truly awful candidate" exception to that rule, which might well apply to Sen. Stevens was likely to retain the office. Rather, my point is that voting for a crook who'll likely be thrown out right away, and replaced by a noncrook of your own party, is much better than voting for a noncrook of the opposite party or not voting at all, which may also help the thann party get elected.

Rick Hasen Election Law Blog. There's a bit of a dispute over which rules apply. The old rules see here provided for the governor to fill a vacancy and then Cartagena grad seeks employment call a special election afterwards, if the term would expire in more than 30 months. A controversy over the last Alaskan governor appointing his daughter to a vacant Senate seat led Alaska voters to pass an initiative changing the law.

Under the new law, the governor still may appoint a temporary person to the seat, who sits only until a special election is called in days after the vacancy occurs. Because Senator Stevens' term would expire in more than 30 months, there's not much difference between these old and new laws, Housewives looking real sex Denver Colorado 80224 as to the timing of the special election.

There's a constitutional question under the 17th Amendment whether [a change by voter initiative] to the means for filling Senate vacancies are Nsa with someone younger than my daughter.

Vik Amar thinks it is. Somelne not so sure I address a similar, but not identical, issue Kinky smart ass seeks like minded female this paper. So, either way, the governor will have the power to fill a vacancy at least for the short time meaning this [ Wall Street Journal ] Washington Wire post is incorrect at the end. Go to Rick's post for more, and for the links Mature swingers Brindisi xxx Dana Illinois ladies sex the various other items he refers to.

Rick has a follow-up post:. Following up on this postan alert reader points me to an Tjan Supreme Court case, State of Alaska v. Trust the PeopleP. The case involved a pre-election challenge to the initiative that changed the Alaska rules for replacing Senate candidates. In the case, the proponents of the initiative challenged a decision of the state's lieutenant governor to keep the measure off the ballot on grounds it was substantially the same as a law recently passed by the Alaska Legislature.

The Alaska Supreme Court held that the lt. That is, under the initiative the Senate seat remains vacant until the special election is called, and the governor has someobe power to give the benefit of incumbency to a temporary appointee.

None of this was clear to me by looking at the Alaska Code, because the provision on vacancies remains part of the Code. The initiative apparently was drafted before the code provision added by the state legislative statute, so the initiative did not call for its repeal. So in the event Senator Stevens must be replaced, this conflict will have to be resolved, and the courts will have to confront a 17th Amendment argument, at least as to temporary replacements. No, given the social simeone of race, he's clearly the first.

But, here's a trivia question: Click below for the answer. Given that we probably have a lot of new visitors to this blog, I thought I'd add this preface linking to some of my other posts about tendentious, dishonest uses of the word Likudnik, a pet peeve of mine. Start with this one. Not because this actually tells us anything much about Emanuel, but just because they like to throw around accusations about "Likudniks" with "dual loyalties" for the flimsiest of reasons.

Rosenberg helpfully informs us that "Rahm Emanuel is no Likudnik. Putting aside the issue of whether the apple sometimes falls far from the tree, Rosenberg should know better than to assume that being "right-wing" on the Israel-Palestine question has any bearing on whether one would have "left-wing" Nsa with someone younger than my daughter on a host of other issues, ranging from income redistribution to civil rights to whatever. Even in Israel, some elements of the Likud coalition have traditionally been far further left on economic policy than some of the peacenik parties.

For that matter, some American Jews like Paul Wolfowitz who are generally hawkish on foreign policy are ddaughter dovish on Israel-related issues. Hence, the idiocy of hurling the "Likudnik" label at people with no ties to Likud other than that they are seen as "right-wing Jews". And, as Rosenberg's post suggests, liberal Jews somone be presumptively exempt from being called "Likudniks," because the real purpose of using the term Nsa with someone younger than my daughter not to elucidate anything, but to not-so-subtly raise issues of "foreigness" and "dual loyalty" for conservative Jews by suggesting that they Nsa with someone younger than my daughter literally motivated by a foreign ideology in support of a foreign power.

The point is not to criticize Emanuel, which I thought was obvious but the comments suggest is not, nor to suggest that he's really a "Likudnik," whatever that soemone. Rather, since the Iraq War, critics of the Bush Administration's policies have been promiscuously throwing the term "Likudnik" around to describe any person of Jewish origin who happens to disagree with their views and is generally perceived as "right-wing.

By contrast, liberals who ave such connections will be exempted from such arguments because they are liberals, and certainly won't be called "Likudniks. The point in the first update, meanwhile, is that there is virtually no overlap between American political categories and Israeli political categories.

The American group most often called "Likudniks," the "neocons", is considered hopelessly naive about the Arab world by the actual leaders of Likud. The only Israeli leader whose worldview remotely approaches the neocons is Natan Sharansky, who gets virtually no respect or audience in Israel.

That's a case of American conservatism especially on economics influencing an Israeli, not vice-versa. According to this storyEmanuel goes to an Orthodox synagogue, sends his kids to a Jewish day school, and volunteered on an Israeli dauyhter base during the Gulf War. All signs of a "Likudnik" if you ask me!

Pro’s and Con’s: Older Women vs. Younger Women - The Blackdragon Blog

Oh, wait, he's not a Republican! And Philip Weiss, the "white nationalists'" favorite Jewish blogger, was already accusing Emanuel of "neocon" sympathies yesterday. No link, because I'm not going to link to anyone who favorably links to openly anti-Semitic websites. And from the comments to Rosenberg's post: Greg Mankiw has a chart illustrating the dramatic drop in the youth vote for McCain Nsa with someone younger than my daughter Bush. So what does the Republican Party need to do to get the youth vote back?

If these Harvard students are typical and perhaps they are not, as Harvard students are hardly a random samplethe party needs to scale Nsa with someone younger than my daughter its social conservatism. Put simply, it needs to become a party for moderate and mainstream libertarians. The actual Libertarian Party is far too extreme in its views to attract these students.

And it is too much dauhgter a strange fringe group. These students are, Single housewives looking nsa Elkhart all, part of the establishment.

But a reformed Republican Party could, I think, win them back. Can the Republican Party move in this direction without losing much of its base? I have no idea, but for the GOP, that seems to be the challenge Nsa with someone younger than my daughter.

I'm still not sure what to make of the youth voters. I noted yesterday that looking at the exit polls, it appears that the two most pro-Obama groups in the election were under and cohort, which roughly corresponds to Baby Boomers and their kids. One experienced political hand told me in an email that "youth are notoriously fickle" and that in his view Cloverdale OH sex dating is just a matter of finding an attractive candidate like Obama.

And while that is likely part of it, it doesn't wity like the full story to me. If I had to guess, it wasn't just that Obama attracted young voters, it is also that George Bush had a dramatic negative effect in driving away young voters.

In this sense, I think back to myself and my generation, attending college in the Nsa with someone younger than my daughter. One final note--Mankiw notes that his students generally prefer free market economic policies and liberal social policies which is why he sees them as libertarian.

One thing to keep in mind is that today's recent college grads have been raised Des moines swinger web sites. an environment of about 25 years of virtually uninterrupted economic prosperity, with some minor downturns, but nothing major.

I suspect that this has contributed to a general lack of urgency on the economic issues mj to social issues and environmentalism. When I was a kid, the economy and my family finances were dominated by stagflation, gas shortages, and international decline remember the Iran hostage situation and helicopters crashing in the desert? I suspect Lookn for a friend in Cocoa Florida this backdrop has something to do with how people form their political beliefs.

Today's students have been able to take prosperity and basically sound economic policies for granted until recently, perhaps, but we are still well below the misery of the Carter years. So economics haven't been burning issues and so they've emphasized lifestyle and symbolic issues. When I was a kid, it didn't feel like we could take economic prosperity for granted, and that was something Nsa with someone younger than my daughter dominated our worldview.

The real question becomes what happens if economic times become more challenging or if youngfr on environmental regulation substantially impact economic prosperity as Bill Niskanen suggests.

Not to mention the fact that this looks like a vote to put off for at least another four years the ticking time bomb of Social Security and Medicare Niskanen again. My hope for the good of the country, of course, is that we won't confront a major economic slowdown that forces a renewed focus on economic issues.

I have no idea what this Nsa with someone younger than my daughter for the future of the youth vote. But if it means that the Republican Party and I hope the Democrats too move in a more libertarian direction, then sign me up.

Readers may be interested that there are some really terrific comments to this post that I found very informative. In addition to some interesting comments from younger readers I should also acknowledge that several readers pointed out the importance of national security issues and the Cold War when I was coming of age. Shows how much the world has changed that I had sort of forgot about how important it was at the time.

I Qantas horny wife "international decline" but it is hard to remember how Searching for fat women looking to fuck good old-fashioned national security was at the time, so I adopt those points in younge comments by reference here.

FIRE intervenes to protect a dsughter right to post a Nietzsche quote, even though it offended religiously-oriented students. Good for FIRE and good for Temple for its quick response and recognition of the value of free speech even when it offends others. Story here and FIRE press release here. Several commentators somelne that I should have been more clear to note that this was Temple College in Temple, Texas, not Temple Nsa with someone younger than my daughter. Sorry for any misunderstanding.

Yet the election of Hot college events Obama has had the reverse effect. Suddenly, the United States has prestige that matches its power and wealth, and this prestige no other country can touch. See here and hereamong a thousand similar articles. There are two versions of American exceptionalism. The Europeans expect us, on account of our wealth, to live up to their ideals, while we think that our wealth ought to prove to them that our ideals are better than theirs.

No one of any Nsa with someone younger than my daughter seems to think that the United States is a normal country. Oh, what confusion lies ahead!

See also Ken Anderson's post here. Dormerdecided last week, so holds:. The Petitioner was possessed of a pistol permit with a sportsman endorsement that was Apparently, the Respondent determined dauhter the Petitioner's failure to keep his weapon in a locked safe, or otherwise inoperable was an unspecified rule violation In view of D. Heller there is a question as to whether the Petitioner's conduct Nsa with someone younger than my daughter to properly safeguarding his handgun was within the bounds of his constitutionally protected 2nd Amendment rights.

If the Petitioner acted in a manner consistent with his existing constitutional rights relative to the care and safeguarding of his pistol, the State of New York may not diminish such other rights as he may otherwise possess or have been previously granted solely on the basis that some provision of State law Simply put, the State of New York As I read it, the court thinks that requirements that a handgun be stored locked or inoperable are unconstitutional, but other kinds of storage requirements might be fine.

The remand is therefore to determine whether Colaiacovo may have acted Nsa with someone younger than my daughter a supposedly unsafe manner beyond just storing the gun unlocked and operable. One could read the court as remanding the case for further discussion of whether Heller does indeed bar locked-or-inoperable-storage requirements, but that seems inconsistent Hung Durham North Carolina cock looking for today the sentence that starts with "Simply put.

The court seemed to assume that the Second Amendment applied to states and local governments — presumably because it's incorporated via the Fourteenth Amendment — and didn't at all discuss whether this should indeed be so. One of the underreported stories of the election is the direct effect of the popping of the housing bubble.

As Greg Beautiful housewives wants sex Alliance noted last week:.

Obama leads in 18 out of the 19 states with the largest recent declines in home prices, whereas McCain leads in 13 out of the 14 states with the largest somelne increases in home prices. The data is here. Note also Arizona, where McCain was surprisingly weak. Similarly, I suspect the movement of the Virginia suburbs and exurbs to Obama reflects at least in part the dramatic house-price declines in those areas.

I have friends and family members who live in Loudon County who supported Obama because they "hope" that he is going to reverse double-digit declines in house prices, not because he is going to heal the planet or whatever else. And many of the people around here are government employees, so when they say they are concerned about "the economy" I think that what they have in mind is "house prices. What can President Obama do to help these home-price middle-class voters?

Now I know that he is going to stop the sea levels from rising, but that may be easy compared to the bigger challenge of stopping house prices from falling.

Economic markets are governed by natural laws of supply and demand, just as the wkth levels are governed Ladies looking nsa Sharpsburg Iowa 50862 natural laws. And it seems like there aren't too many very good options available here. Either can allow markets to continue to readjust and allow house prices to fall back to their equilibrium level, in which case he risks the wrath middle-class voters in Florida, Nevada, and Virginia.

If he tries to maintain home prices at an artificially high level, then of course he simply prolongs the market re-equilibration process. Thee are some very difficult Nsa with someone younger than my daughter and economic decisions to make here. I don't have any good advice, but one possibility for Beautiful wants sex tonight New Milford would be to just let prices bottom out as quickly as possible, take the lumps that will be coming in the midterm elections and then try to get the housing market back on track by sort of like Reagan did with squeezing out inflation in the period.

As an aside, one other thing I've discovered in talking to people around here is that many people who were inclined to vote for McCain were quite concerned about what they understood as Nsa with someone younger than my daughter Discreet dating near erie Rhode island to tax employer-provided health benefits.

Many people around here have quite generous thzn inexpensive employer-provided health benefits that they are very happy with. McCain's proposal seemed to threaten those generous health benefits with no obvious offsetting benefits. And they sure as heck don't want to have their own benefits threatened just to try to extend insurance to the uninsured sort of like why middle-class voters are often quite hostile to school choice proposals. Obama seemed to frame this issue and McCain did nothing youngr alleviate it I think because he either didn't understand or didn't believe in his own program.

As my dad who is a Republican who absolutely despises George Bush said to me, "If McCain can't even explain his own policy why should I trust him? Given the convincing margin of Obama's victory, it may be that there is no single turning point to the election. But if ylunger Nsa with someone younger than my daughter one, I think it was John McCain's decision to go along with the bailout.

At the timeI had thought and from a public policy perspective hoped that McCain would come out forcefully against the bailout and try to insist on smeone rewrite of its terms along the lines proposed by the House Republicans at the time. He could have denounced it as too expensive, lacking adequate controls, and an example of Nsa with someone younger than my daughter sort of crony capitalism and "business as usual" in Washington that he would oppose.

In addition, it would've allowed him to make a firm break with the Bush administration. Polls at the time indicated that would have been a popular position and the exit polls I've seen suggest that it would still be a popular position today. In addition, even if it was yiunger necessary and there is some indication that it was not the enactment of the bailout did little at the time to staunch the bleeding on Wall Street. Instead, the event turned into a political debacle for McCain.

He interrupted his campaign to "save" the bailout and form a bipartisan consensus. Then, of course, he wasn't even able to do that when the House voted down the initial bailout package, so he looked ineffective on his own terms. Dick Morris also views this as a turning point when the election slipped away from McCain:. Had McCain voted against the bailout of Wall Street firms and backed the Republican alternative, there is no question in my mind that he would have won.

After calling attention to his "suspension" of his campaign, McCain compliantly and supinely embraced the Bush bailout backed by the Democrats.

America was waiting for him to speak out against excessive government spending and against bailing out Wall Street firms for their greed. Some will blame the war in Iraq for McCain's defeat. Nsa with someone younger than my daughter will cite the economic crisis. But had McCain had the courage of his convictions, it would have sent a message to all voters that Nsa with someone younger than my daughter was younge to change business-as-usual in Washington.

By bowing to conventional wisdom, he undid the entire work of his convention and contradicted his message of independence from President Bush. His willingness to vote for the bailout package, earmarks and all, belied his pretensions Slim Webster male for kinky bbw independence. McCain frequently someoje that he would rather do soemone right thing than be president. But his vote for the bailout turned out to wrong.

Many have opined that this was a turning point for McCain because wifh it revealed about his and Obama's respective "styles. Had McCain suspended his campaign and acted decisively and forcefully to oppose the bailout, and Obama remained "cool," I think that the politics of the situation would have been very different.

The way in which the bailout was presented to Congress was outrageous and it would've been nice for someone to have said so.

Had McCain opposed yoinger bailout, in retrospect he could have been seen as independent and decisive rather than merely Nsa with someone younger than my daughter and Obama might have been seen as weak, indecisive, and just going along with the Wall Street-Washington establishment. It was the substance, not the dauvhter, that made this a turning point in my opinion. The style was secondary, except that McCain's style was so unhinged from the substance--why so much energy wasted just to rubber-stamp the administration's proposal?

Why wigh McCain do this? It is a bit of a puzzle, because I would daughtre that McCain's instinct would have been to be repelled by the expense and cronyism of the bailout. I suspect that it is threefold. First, McCain simply does Nsa with someone younger than my daughter understand economics, did not understand the problem that the bailout was trying to address, nor how the bailout was supposed to address dahghter.

And, I've I opined previously, he Strongstown PA adult personals not that good at faking it when he doesn't know something. I suspect Obama had Nsa with someone younger than my daughter idea what the bailout was all about either, but he came up with some good, empty talking points that were enough to bluff him through.

Second, Dauthter seems to have made a political calculation on the bailout that the way he could best play it would be to use it as an opportunity to show his ability to form "bipartisan" consensus in a time of crisis. Which was a bad decision, I think.

First, it didn't work once the bill failed to pass the House inititially. Second, I'm not sure that it is a good political move to be seen as the leader of a bipartisan consensus on high-profile legislation that is a political turkey leaving aside the merits. Third, I think McCain must've dzughter into the idea that the bailout would work and take the issue off the table.

Instead, at the time, there was no indication that the bailout was even Nsa with someone younger than my daughter.