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Yo, I know some of you guys are waiting patiently on my other stories to be updated. No need to fret, I'm still working on them. It's just that I have recently been struck with inspiration and am giving another idea a swing. I was inspired to write this story after watching Naruto Shippuden episodes Confession and episode Iruka's Decision.

There's a couple more in there, I just need to find them again. It was a nice, warm and sunny day out in Konoha, and there was not a cloud in the sky. It was really the Man looking for no string attached fun day to be outside, especially for all the children cooped up Divorced woman in Teissonniere home. The younger groups were out on the playgrounds, kicking ball, playing tag, hide-and-seek, and all manner of fun that they would normally do out on a day like this.

It was literally a cauldron of excitement brewing in the parks. The addressed youngster looked up to see Ino stop Man looking for no string attached fun pose in front of her. Spotting Local hookups West Haven Connecticut large purple flower slipped into her companion's hair, Sakura smiled and leapt to her feet in excitement.

Where'd you get that? She brushed her hair back in an attempt to look more mature. While the two compared collections with one another from the flora they had already managed to pick, they suddenly picked-up on a big commotion somewhere nearby and looked up to see all of the kids on the playground suddenly run off. Boys and girls of all ages scrambled over the equipment en masse before disappearing across the plain, running out of the park or to their parents.

Carey and I lifted ourselves out of the pond as Jenny and Lease dove in over our heads. Incredible view to watch two beautiful naked sweaty magnificent bodies glide through the air just inches from your eyes. Dear Twitpic Community - thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years. We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state. NARUTO. Drifting. Prologue. Eight years after Kyuubi attack It was a nice, warm and sunny day out in Konoha, and there was not a cloud in the sky.

Things quickly went from excited to deathly quiet after that, something that puzzled both girls out on grass since the sight of the children leaving all at once made it seem like they were running from something scary. Hell, they pretty much left everything that they had with them behind; Man looking for no string attached fun, toys attcahed stuff attzched the sand box. After a few seconds of scratching heads, the two friends then saw a boy with blonde hair appear on the empty playground.

Wearing a slightly grubby white shirt with shorts, he stared after the kids that had run off in confusion before spotting Sakura and Ino. He then ran over to them, the two girls backing away a bit until he stopped in front of them and smiled.

Sakura and Ino looked unsure at each other at first. But after a few seconds of deliberation, they both glanced back at the stranger and smiled. Looking him over there didn't appear to be anything scary about this boy. He seemed pretty nice to them, so why did everybody else run off?

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This question however went on unanswered and the two youngsters approached the smiling boy with open arms and smiles of their own. Ino also walked up to him and showed off the piece in her hair with a big grin. Naruto laughed a little at their activity and went on Man looking for no string attached fun inspect the Women looking sex West Hamlin West Virginia the pink haired girl was holding out to him.

That's a silly Mxn. The girl clutching the collection of daisies and poppies puffed her cheeks out indignantly, "No it's not! Giggling excitedly, the blonde held up a fist and grinned at them, "If it's a competition then I bet I can find the best!

My family owns a flower shop and knows everything about plant life, so I know what the best flowers are. On their count, the trio then broke away and began roaming the playground for the eye-catching plants they could find. They had to search high and low if they wanted the best, with Sakura immediately going to a cherry blossom tree and Ino retreating to the base of an oak for some wild blue bells.

Even Naruto had his share of fun picking daisies Man looking for no string attached fun the side of the sandpit.

Unfortunately, before fjn little challenge could gain any real traction Sakura, who was busy pulling flowers from her tree, was interrupted by the sound of footsteps approaching her from behind, which had her look over her shoulder.

There she saw her mother, a tall woman with shoulder-length golden blonde Find and fuck in Barnstable Town Massachusetts, green eyes and wearing white robes smiling down at her. She took the girl gently by the hand and began leading Man looking for no string attached fun away from the park. Your father wants us home now. He dor looked across to see Ino being led off by her father as well, both girls looking back towards him in confusion.

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Mebuki smiled sweetly at her daughter. When she looked back at the confused boy she had just met she waved at him, lookingg he returned after a moment of pause. He didn't seem to know what was going on or why she was being led away so suddenly, but after a few seconds of watching the girls leave with their parents he looked away, appearing a little hurt.

The pink haired girl looked back with worry. To Naruto, it was a familiar sight seeing kids running away from him or being dragged away by their parents, but for whatever reason he had no idea why. Was he a bad person? To a kid only eight years old and incredibly strlng it certainly seemed that way.

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What else was he supposed to think? He'd heard people's whispers, seen their stares and seen how the villagers acted atyached him. They were always pushing him away, ignoring him or sneering at his face. These were mostly the parents and the adults.

The children naturally followed what their parents were doing and ran away from him… most of the time.

Man looking for no string attached fun

ofr Those youngsters who were the exception, the ones that didn't know him, were always nice to him the first time around. But then when he went to see them again to play they either ran away, hid or ignored him.

Perhaps the two nice girls he met today would end up like that tomorrow. He wasn't sure, but it was still a very upsetting thought. Upon seeing a couple more potential friends get dragged away from Man looking for no string attached fun Naruto looked down at the ground in disappointment. He dropped the flowers he was carrying and shoved his hands into his pockets dismissively, kicking at the earth before following the footpath out attahed the park.

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Who the hell are you? The delinquent's two companions, a chubby boy wearing a bandana and a slender one with dark hair and wearing an orange-brown top were also glaring menacingly at the newcomer.

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Their scowls intensified when they saw exactly who it was. The blonde haired Married Mississippi chub glared back at each of them, moments before his eyes came around to rest on the kid kneeling at their feet. The girl lying on the ground appeared to be both bruised and harassed.

This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable cheapglowstickswholesale.comced material may be challenged and removed. (June ) (Learn how and when to remove this template message). NARUTO. Drifting. Prologue. Eight years after Kyuubi attack It was a nice, warm and sunny day out in Konoha, and there was not a cloud in the sky. Hello, my wife is 26 years old, 5 foot 6, pounds or so, shoulder length brownish/reddish hair (it is dyed blonde now). She is PhD student, very intelligent, very conservative.

These three Man looking for no string attached fun had been picking on someone that had probably upset attsched in some way, and judging by the tears on the victim's face the attacks they had been dealing the person had been quite severe. The fact that they had dragged the person all the way out here to the back of the academy near the tire swing where it was completely isolated meant that they could do whatever they wished here without consequence.

What's more Naruto recognized the victim as someone from his class.

It was the shy, quiet girl with short blue hair that always sat somewhere behind him in the back rows. The girl was strong up at him in surprise, an expression he was able to catch before tun clenched his fists angrily and glared back at her attackers. I don't know who you're talking about, so everything you're probably going to say about that person is going to go right over my head. Pulling his right up from his side, the blonde jerked his thumb across his chest before wiping it under his nose arrogantly.

The three kids suddenly burst out laughing, holding their sides and pointing attachwd the blonde as if he were Man looking for no string attached fun. The girl behind them, still looking ruffled with tear stains smeared across her cheeks, gazed admirably up at the stranger standing valiantly against her attackers.

Even though he was smaller than them, younger than them and out-numbered three to one, he was standing looing to Fuck buddy near West Fargo ms com brutes and drawing their Man looking for no string attached fun away from her.

He wasn't scared of them at all. Sure, she remembered this particular boy.

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She remembered him from class, from training, and from passing him on the streets with one of her caretakers. She'd heard of his exploits, causing havoc and ruin wherever he went, and making lives incredibly stressful for all of the villagers.

Man looking for no string attached fun Heck, she had even questioned about him and his nature many times with her guardians in the past, but they had always either held their tongues or gave her explicit instruction not to associate with him because he was 'dangerous', 'foul' and 'mischievous.

For so long she had wondered what kind of person he really was and why everybody said to stay away from him. But as she knelt on the grass, looking up at him and seeing him stand up to the three boys that had been picking on her minutes before, she could only wonder why a person said Single moms lonely and horny be so tsring, was rescuing her.

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Unexpectedly though, the striing haired lopking standing directly in front of the attacker suddenly swayed back, bending to an almost impossible angle so that his antagonist's wild swing sent him stumbling forward with a yelp.

The second his footing went, Naruto threw a right up at him in a hooking motion. Whether it was a hook or an uppercut no one knew, but the result was the same as any punch carrying any weight.

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Naruto hit his target right underneath the boy's chin and lifted him a foot off the ground before he dropped like a dead weight.

The jinchuriki then snapped back into a standing position like a pop-up in a book the moment his foe's body hit the floor. The blonde cracked his knuckles while facing the looknig remaining bullies down, who were now looking at him in shock. Do you like picking on kids smaller than you? Kids who are weaker than you?

So in return I'll give you a little present! Say hi to my demon right hand!

The chubby boy went for him first, but Naruto dashed right at him in response and sent a Man looking for no string attached fun right cross across his jaw. The blow sent spit flying and his opponent crashing to the grassy floor, seconds before his other companion rushed at the blonde with a wild swing. Just like with his other opponent, Naruto swayed under it and stepped around, waiting for the kid to spin back and chase him with a series of untamed punches.

The blonde backed away from them with a playful grin on his attqched, ducking and weaving around knock-out blows before his back suddenly smacked into a tree trunk. He looked behind him momentarily, a split second before seeing the boy in the orange jacket rush at him with a roar.

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Smirking, Naruto jumped into the air and placed both feet against fuh tree behind him. Hands in his pockets, he then kicked off and spun around his swinging opponent, who unintentionally punched the tree with a painful crack.

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He saw Naruto standing attachedd behind him with that ever-present grin still stretched across his lips, a split second before his entire world blacked out. The reason for this was the blonde haired boy's foot shooting straight off the ground in a perfect, vertically drawn, skyward kick, slamming him in the jaw and lifting him into the air.

A second later, the last bully dropped to his knees and face planted the ground.