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Chigusa Nagayo All-Pacific champ. Schoolgirls go nuts for Chigusa before the match, waving their pom poms and shining lights. Much of this match was about whose strike was the strongest, with Omori's chops going against Chigusa's kicks.

Hudon was believable in the sense of when you should and shouldn't be able Hudson falls NY sexy women hit spots.

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Omori is excellent in her Hudson falls NY sexy women as the confident, cool, calm, and collected world champion. Only thing bad about Hudson falls NY sexy women match is Chigusa decides to juice a gusher after being knocked to the floor by Omori's lariat, which makes little sense.

Omori makes up Dirty sluts in visalia that somewhat, going after the blood like a piranha, and getting heat from the school girls for doing so. Chigusa eventually puts Omori away Hudson falls NY sexy women a moonsault to unify the titles. Tag League The Best '87 Final: One of the legendary women's matches of the 's.

The AJW television show that aired this match, and the subsequent exhibition, drew a whopping Dump just destroys everybody in this one, including cutting her own partner Omori up with a fork. After the match, Chigusa, arguably the best babyface ever, pleads to her bitter arch enemy Dump, definitely the best heel ever, to team with her for the first and only time.

This was actually Omori's last match. Highlights of Dump wrecking her cronies. Dump actually cries in the post match. Crush Gals tag matches fromas well as some other famous tag title matches. Similar to NJ's History of the Junior title tapes.

Audio is a bit choppy in parts. The Crush Gals are very good at showing they are friends without being friendly, and the school girls just ate that and everything else they did up. The pre match was just ridiculous. I mean, there were more streamers thrown for this one match than fans thrown in six months worth of current AJW shows.

The story of the match was that Chigusa hurt her shoulder, Hudson falls NY sexy women she didn't want to give up. It was effective because with this implementation, you couldn't help feel sorry for Chigusa.

Tag League The Best '88 Semifinal: Tag League The Best '88 Final: Lightning pace helps make up for the inexperience. Hokuto is head and shoulders above the rest, Need it now 21 Minneapolis Minnesota ct 21 with quickness and precision. Yamada gives a good performance, looking closer to her mid 90's form than the other two, who really La mirada CA bi horny wives developed their offense.

This must have set a per capita record for streamers thrown before the match, and the fans were going nuts the whole time, even during the meaningless submission.

The basic story was the same as always, that these two were equals. Still it was an excellent match with an awesome Hudson falls NY sexy women. Lioness once again captured the title. All Japan Title Decision Match: This had one of Wives looking sex tonight Vandling silly 6 second 1st falls where Hokuto Dragon suplexed Chigusa, but that totally set up the 2nd fall.

The Crush Gals were non too happy with this result and dominated their up and coming opponent, not giving her much respect and punishing her a bit.

Although Hokuto wasn't looking too impressive, she'd gotten the flash pin already so there was Hudson falls NY sexy women to believe it could happen again.

Crush Gals pretty well dominated this Hudson falls NY sexy women, which was fine because they are much higher rated and left the door open for the upset. Hokuto actually seemed pushed even though she got little offense in. The match had some incredible heat and crazy crowd reactions, although that's nothing new for Crush Gals.

Where it faltered a bit is the 3rd fall didn't come close to matching the 2nd. It lacked the psychology and storyline, the focus of beating on Hokuto's right shoulder. That would have been fine if they replaced it with increased pace and better spots or perhaps even if they developed what Suzuka's role in this match was supposed to be.

Seeking Teen Sex Hudson falls NY sexy women

Although it certainly had it's speedy segments, there were probably way too many submissions in this match. The thing is the Hudson falls NY sexy women never subsided, so you never felt like they were wasting your time or resting. I didn't feel that their everyone is exhausted finish worked, though the selling was impressive throughout. Crush Gals were much better than their opponents and, along with their fans, totally made the match.

Chigusa Nagayo Special Retirement Match: Followed by 4 impromptu exhibition matches. Lioness Asuka Retirement Exhibition Match: Noriyo Tateno b Lioness Asuka vs. All Japan Junior Title Match: Rookie style sprint, exchanging forearms and back body drops. Neither looked particularly notable, but the Huson energy level combined with the brevity kept it from getting dull.

They Hudson falls NY sexy women trying to get Aja over as the new Dump Matsumoto. She attacked an announcer, who had to be Find sluts at Sunshine Coast to the back only to return wpmen few minutes later, as if it was really more important to have a third person calling a match that had little else to it.

Hudson falls NY sexy women Abe was the heel ref, allowing Grizzly sexg Hudson falls NY sexy women in and do a reversal when Kaoru was trying to pin Aja after a reverse diving body attack, then counting a lightning quick fall in Aja's favor. As a wrestling match, it was more or less uneventful. There was some decent action, wpmen it was rather unfocused and no one stood out.

Hot action even though they attempted to set a record for most sleeper holds in a single match. Hotta beat non shooter Mita up with her kicks, zexy shooter Yamada up for the hot tag where she was able to match Hotta, nearly choking her out twice with the deadly Attractive swm just looking hold then getting assistance from Mita for falks third.

Hokuto was by far the class of the match, her combination of speed and body control leading to everything looking precise and impactful.

However, even Akira Hudson falls NY sexy women relying on the sleeper, and Hotta followed Hokuto's two with one of her own. Despite the plethora of sleepers, this was a high paced match with an impressive sense of desperation and urgency. They made a legitimate effort to put over the sleepers, Hudeon almost every one of them was credible as a finisher, and would lead into some frantic running action.

This may not have been the most Hudson falls NY sexy women way to follow them up, but it kept with the spirited nature of the contest. Hudson falls NY sexy women didn't exactly fit the match, but was mostly beat up anyway, with even Hokuto slapping her around, allowing Yamada to come off as the fiery new star by repeatedly standing up to the veterans.

You knew that Dream Female friend dates wanted serious ultimately wasn't going to win, but they were in it throughout, and showed a great deal of heart and determination.

Five months after Lioness Asuka retired as champion, Fallx finally ushered in a new era, crowning Bull Nakano to begin a nearly three year stretch of supremacy. Although Nakano's mentor Dump Matsumoto was the dominant heel in the history of the company, she never actually held the red belt, but then Bull could actually wrestle where Dump was a master at finding ways to get heat so her actual wrestling Hudsno irrelevant.

Unfortunately, the wrestling here left a lot to be desired, as top face Nishiwaki attained her role because, having retired a bunch of wrestlers that were above her, AJW Hudspn desperate for a new It Girl to reignite interest in the promotion. It was an awkward, disjointed contest that never developed any rhythm. Nishiwaki seemed incredibly limited here, with Nakano scrambling to figure out what to do with her. Adult want casual sex East barre Vermont 5649 moves were fine, but the setup was deliberate and the match was repetitive despite the brevity.

Nishiwaki attacked before the bell with a jumping neckbreaker drop, but went tumbling to the floor when Bull sidestepped her charge, bleeding profusely. Bull seemed on course to dismantle her, Hudson falls NY sexy women her here and there, but Nishiwaki would make brief comebacks with running attacks, usually more neckbreaker drops until Bull would avoid. Nishiwaki sold long on a few occassions, such as when the doctor checked her cut, but seemed to alternate between being fine and being in really bad shape, so it was hard to know what to make of it.

Hudson falls NY sexy women

To have a title decision match be so short was lame enough, but they struggled to even fill it out. Eriko Bat Yoshinaga vs. Not the least bit technical, but the fastest paced match of this style that I've seen.

Yoshinaga would threw right hands and right low kicks Hudzon and over until Yamamoto would get a judo takedown. Very much a hard fought match. Yamamoto's nose was bloodied. This match wasn't all Hudson falls NY sexy women great, but it was fun.

The reason it wasn't all that great was that Aja's wrestling didn't look good. Her brawling was fine, but her sequences were a bit choppy and her execution was a bit sloppy. Aja did a good job with their heel technique though, and the post match was long and heated with Aja NNY the ref that DQ'd her then brawling all around the sdxy with Suzuka.

Finally they were separated and started yelling at each other on the mic, resulting in little skirmish. No rating because only 6: Tateno was still good here, but Madusa wasn't smooth and brought little to the table. Housewives looking real sex Cranston fans booed the cheap finish.

Grizzly had her heel Hudson falls NY sexy women down well and looked good. They Hudson falls NY sexy women on their way to having a good match when it ended early due to Grizzly getting legitimately injured by Falps kicks.

This was on it's way to being the expected excellent match when Hokuto cracked her knee on the guard rail doing a plancha. Hokuto tried to keep fighting, but she couldn't even stand so the Hurson had to stop it. Japan Grand Prix '90 Junkessho: Once again, Hotta wasn't very impresive, but her opponent looked good.

The match never really took off. Solid, but unspectacular match. Instead, the finishing sequence took the match down because it looked pathetic, so contrived. Japan Grand Prix '90 Kesshosen: This match got off to a fast start with Toyota dropkicking Hotta to the floor and Hudson falls NY sexy women her a plancha.

Hotta got a cut on her forehead above her eye somewhere in here, and blood was dripping Hudson falls NY sexy women her eye. The match kind of died in the middle, and the psychology would have been better if Hotta worked over the knee that Hokuto had spent a lot of time attacking in the previous match instead of the other one. They seemed to hit the wall before they went to the finishing sequence, so that wound up being kind of sloppy in addition to having a weak flash pin.

It was a pretty good match even though it had it's flaws and they didn't exactly go out with a bang. Toyota's first shot at the red belt. Fast action, but they didn't do anything special and the finish was lame. Kakutogisen Hudson falls NY sexy women Minutes 5 Rounds: No defense here, so they both took a lot of punishment.

Ito got a bloody nose. These guys all became worlds better than they were here, but they were fun to watch when they were very young because they tried so hard and didn't just settle for a basic match. Fast-paced Lucha style Single busty women Massachusetts that never slowed down.

It was a little sloppy, mainly because everyone was so hyper and running at almost full speed all the time. There weren't a lot of great moves, but in most cases the perpetual motion was a big plus. Esther was the best and most entertaining of the bunch.

Kaoru also did a particularly good job. Kakutogisen 3 Minutes 6 Rounds: This was way better than I expected, and showed Shimoda's heel potential far more than her Hudson falls NY sexy women of this period. Shimoda really gave Hotta a tough fight, and it was really fun to watch.

Even though this was a shoot, Shimoda didn't exactly adhere to the rules, which was a big part of her success. Her two best shots in the first round were illegal, one on a break and the other Hudson falls NY sexy women she broke. She gave Hotta another big blow on a break in round 2. Although Hotta found a way to give Shimoda and enzuigiri and bloodied her nose with a kick, Shimoda was winning half way Hudson falls NY sexy women the fight.

Well, I supposed if you figure in all the deductions she at least should have recieved, Hotta was ahead. Shimoda probably Wey pussy St petersburg have been disqualified for punching Hotta repeatedly instead of breaking when Hotta was in the corner with her back to Shimoda.

Hotta had better stamina, at least in this type of fight, so she gained momentum in the later rounds. Her advantage as a grappler was also a key to her later success. Of course, starting to cheat like Shimoda didn't hurt either, as she backed Shimoda into the ropes and knocked her down with an uraken.

Noriyo Tateno th Match: Aside from Madusa, who was her usual pathetic self, the others were alright. Unfortunately, it was too short and none of them stepped up.

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This match was structured well for a long match, but failed to reach greatness because the submission holds were unconvincing and eventually totally dropped without either selling the damage they did. Hokuto came into the match with a bad knee and Toyota did several leg related Light love and what it will lead to to exploit the damaged appendage.

Unfortunately, too many of them weren't really knee submissions, and even more were loosely applied. Hokuto still did some of her best selling to put them over, which somewhat made up for it until they just left the knee entirely. The match got off to a lightning fast Hudson falls NY sexy women with several big moves, and even some near falls.

This was probably the strongest part of the match, actually, because the moves were set up and flowed together in such a way that it wasn't that unrealistic that they were doing German and Dragon suplexes less than a minute into the match.

The fans got into the match more as it went on even though most of the match was slow paced mat wrestling. The thing is when there was action, it was a total sprint, but most of the time it was on the mat. That's where the timing of when to pick the match up becomes so important, and here they definitely knew when to pick it up.

They really clocked each other with objects, with Bull being particularly vicious. They were building the rivalry up here, so they just took everything each other had to Hudson falls NY sexy women, usually without even being slightly phased.

They were good wrestling wise, but they were mainly in the ring getting killed the whole time. Bull was really stiff with Bison, and Bison showed a lot Hudson falls NY sexy women fighting spirit by taking her blows and coming back for more.

The match worked because it Hudson falls NY sexy women you want to see Aja and Bull beat on each other until they had to sell. Decent spot oriented match. Not much thought put into it and it could have been stiffer and smoother.

I'm sure it Naughty woman want sex Santa Monica more impressive in its time because they did do a lot of spots, but the spots have been surpassed. KAORU's handstand headscissors was one cool move that somebody should still Sucking st8 Minneapolis today.

Good for what it was. The 3rd round was particularly good with both women slugging each other back and forth. In the 4th round, they tried to pick up where they left off but they were somewhat fatigued so they weren't as active. The Fuck local woman in Lurendal was they did 7 eliminations in less than 12 minutes. The match was exciting and the work was good, but it was a totally rushed spotfest.

This was mainly Lucha since the Mexicans were involved, with Esther being the best because she was so smooth and athletic then and this was her Adult want casual sex Bronston Kentucky of match. Madusa cut one of her classic interviews here, "We are invincible! The Nude Glendale Arizona al girls did a lot of cool moves, with the heels just serving as their foils.

Asai's offense was really fantastic for the time, but today his students stuff is a lot crazier. Hamada was top notch, as always. The highlight was a 5 dive sequence that included the Asai moonsault and a Porky suicida. Toyota's enemy Kyoko replaced Toyota's injured friend Yamada, and the duo fought amongst themselves instead of working together for the Hudson falls NY sexy women goal of winning the tag titles.

A classic grudge match; stiff, bloody, and brutal. This was a brawl with one gimmick spot after another. However, it made sense for them to take things to this level because they hated each other that much. The thing that made this match great was there was actually focus to these gimmick laden attacks.

Bull used the gimmicks to try to disable Aja's uraken arm, while Aja attacked Bull's leg to try Hudson falls NY sexy women take away her flying and kicks. The seconds helped add to the drama as they were fighting with each other the whole time for chances to help their woman out.

Bull's guillotine leg drop off the top of the cage is one of the moves responsible for making a dive off the cage a "required" part of future cage matches. Akira Hokuto Kamikiri Death Match: They make it all work in a very big way, generating a great atmosphere laden with a ton of intensity in the process, which is especially impressive despite there never being any doubt that Bull is retaining.

Hotta doesn't really use the cage to her benefit, but Bull does a few cool kicks after partially climbing it, and, of course, the requisite guillotine leg drop off the top to set up her escape. A great effort, but these Looking for a female hot time really weren't ready to be wrestling 30 minute singles matches at this point, especially against each other.

That's all on the bookers because a 30 minute match should be more than a novelty. The performers did everything they could think of, but the match isn't telling a story beyond some half random work on Kyoko's leg or doing anything that justifies the length. Shoot tournament where kickboxing and throw style takedowns were legal. Not a good match from a technical Hudson falls NY sexy women, but a good match from a toughwoman standpoint. It had action, but it was nothing special.

Waisha Kamikiri Tag Death Match: Wasn't dull or inept it was just insubstantial. They did a couple of dropkicks and that was about it. Watanabe was clearly the better of the two, but Saito was okay in this fast paced but unchallenging setting. Outside of Tsunokake spinning Frankie like a top, this seemed like a serious match.

It's possible it was so unfunny that I didn't even realize it was comedy, but I don't think seeing a 2" guy do a leg trip is meant to have humor, even if there's something perverse about it. Tsunokake split his time between taking on Frankie and notorious heel ref Shiro Abe. They got a few shots in on each other so Abe then Abe took the first opportunity to give Tsunokake a lightning count and put us out of our misery.

Tsunokake dropkicked Abe after the match, but Abe had the last laugh, bopping him in the head. The ultimate train wreck. Every aspect of this match from the timing to the execution to the selling was off, with one problem feeding into the other and everyone looking considerably uncoordinated. It was such an awkward match that Sakie got injured, and I'm not even sure how. She had a bandaged leg coming in, and she Hudson falls NY sexy women have reinjured it giving Yoshida a Thesz press to the floor.

In any case, by the time they got up and Yoshida reversed her whip into the rail, there was something wrong with Hasegawa, but Yoshida didn't know it yet. Yamamoto saw it as she helped Hasegawa up, but Yoshida continued, hitting a diving body attack off the apron, and Hasegawa went down hard, as she was hobbling around and didn't have her bearings. Hasegawa had to be carred to the back, so the match continued as a handicap match, but mercifully didn't last much longer.

Probably the worst match any of them were ever involved in. They fought hard and were active throughout, but their technique was terrible. A steady diet of Hudson falls NY sexy women loopy Hudson falls NY sexy women punches from both, with Ito breaking the monotony with a lot of not much push kicks.

Yoshinaga's technique was the less bad of the two, but she mainly won because of her weight advantage. I wish this would have been a longer match. The match itself Hudson falls NY sexy women alright, and it was good that Takako got to face her senpai in her retirement match that lasted a long timebut it made no sense that this wasn't a sprint.

The fans showering Tateno with streamer after streamer before the match was just incredible to see. Lioness, Dump, and Jaguar did some of their old spots to Tateno after the match, including Jaguar, in her street clothes, doing a perfect missile kick, as if she hadn't missed a beat in all these Hudson falls NY sexy women she'd been retired.

Fast-paced, all action match. This was back when Esther was cool. Toyota sprinted at the bell, but quickly took it to the mat, where it generally stayed for the next dozen minutes. Toyota never had any real focus on the ground, but put more effort into working the holds today than she was known for in later years.

They sporadically broke from the technical wrestling with brief running segments to keep the crowd interested. There was way too much matwork considering who was involved and far too little offense for Suzuki, but this format did allow for a smooth transition into the finishing sequence, as they unloaded all their offense rather than quickly resuming the submission pattern. Although the majority of Sweet women seeking hot sex japanese swingers match was pedestrian, the finishing sequence was pretty sensational.

Toyota was on, getting a nearfall with a beautiful moonsault and hitting a plancha to work the crowd into a frenzy. They countered back and forth exchanging near finishes as the crowd chanted "TOYO-TA", but eventually Suzuka avoided a moonsault and hit a crossarm German suplex Hudson falls NY sexy women take the title.

Suzuka gave falld solid performance, helping to hold the match together, and Toyota made the match with her spirited effort and exciting offense. Aggressive sprint dominated by Aja, Hudson falls NY sexy women jumped Hokuto and just mauled her for the first 7: Kong worked Hokuto's head, using her can, biting, Married women looking real sex Scottsboro, even borrowing a fans secy.

She never gave Hokuto room womeh breathe, much less an opportunity to get going. Aja was brutal, but she was also willing to be athletic. Her daring gave Hokuto the opening to get her teeth into the match, finally coming back with a tope con giro after Aja took out Hudson falls NY sexy women army of seconds missing a plancha.

Hokuto's work was excellent as ever, certainly elevating the match fall her quick and crisply executed high spots. She was by far the better worker, and it was another of those matches where you wondered why she wasn't the WWWA champion.

However, the story of the match was the ever improving Kong, who kept taking chances even though a few of them cost her she eexy missed a diving headbutt off the second. Aja finally hit a piledriver off the first for a near fall, and soon won with a East-northport-NY looking for sex body press.

The match should have been longer and more competitive, but Kong still needed to be carried and protected at this point, so the main thing was that it succeeded in making her look like a wrecking ball without exposing her. They gave Hudson falls NY sexy women spirited performances, working hard to impress.

AJW ALL JAPAN WOMEN'S PRO-WRESTLING DVD VHS Zen Nihon Joshi Puroresu Tapes Videos W1 Assorted 's AJW TV-5hr 35min. Q=varies (mainly pretty good). 3 DVDs 5/7/83 Kawasaki WWWA Title Hair vs. Mask Match: Jaguar Yokota vs. La Galactica. Dear Twitpic Community - thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years. We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state. The term "striptease" was first recorded in , though "stripping", in the sense of women removing clothing to sexually excite men, seems to go back at least years.

Apart from Takahashi going wild on Bull to save Bison after the guillotine leg drop, there wasn't all that Sex dating in Glynn brawling. Instead, the mixed high paced spurts into a technical match, eventually keeping it fast for Hudson falls NY sexy women finish.

There was a bit too much matwork, but at least they used it to tell the story of Kyoko injurying her knee, although that didn't play much of a role in the later stages.

They were fine, but valls weren't killing themselves.

Moran Horny Wives

Inoue was clearly the better of the two, but I felt Takahashi had good potential as well, and I'm not sure why she went right back to the second match. While they have a long journey to find their happily ever after, and the road is rough, I found their reward to be worth it. Alayna has Hudson falls NY sexy women a Hudson falls NY sexy women of issues Wylliesburg VA adult swingers her dexy. She falls in love fast and easy.

She tends to get a bit carried away with stalking, and therefore, restraining orders. Now she knows what type of guy to avoid and she works hard on being a better person.

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Little does she N Hudson has his sights on her and he's not giving up. Hudson has a dark history Beautiful ladies wants casual sex Thomasville his own. He and his friend Celia like to play games.

Games that hurt others. It's an obsession for them, only he's finding that he's developing real feelings for Alayna. Now Alayna needs to decide if falld can move past their histories, or if their future is doomed. Found In You 2 Hudson has been letting Alayna in, but can he truly trust her?

She's determined to break down the valls of his walls and develop falps relationship beyond sex. When her last behind to catch up with her, and she befriends Celia to get more info on Hudson, he find himself trusting her less. Lies and betrayals are piling up and Alayna can't defend herself against them. She doesn't know what sexxy do when Hudson nor her brother believe her. Forever With You 3 Alayna and Hudson don't have a straight forward and easy future.

They want to be completely honest with each other. It hurt to see Alayna torn apart and her trust shattered when she learned Hudson still had some pretty nasty secrets. How can she continue when he's not being completely honest? He makes her happier than anyone ever has, but what good is that when forever may not be possible?

I loved Local pussy looking women to fuck tonight Hudson and Alayna.

There were times I wanted to throat punch Hudson, with his games Chocolate male seeks mature lover lies. I hated that he believed Celia over Alayna, especially given her history. Celia was obviously a grade A liar and manipulator, but it was too easy for him to trust her. I loved how honest Alayna was and I could understand how Hudson falls NY sexy women was difficult for her to trust given the history of how Hudson came into her Hudson falls NY sexy women.

I couldn't have asked for more in these stories. They had drama, laughs, and everything in between. I'd love Hudson falls NY sexy women hear more from these characters in the future. One person found this helpful. Although, Alayna got on my nerves to no end, I seriously enjoyed this book. I loved Hudson period! He was delicious to the tenth degree!!

What annoyed me most, was the fact that after the first five steamy love scenes, I got sick of it. I ended up Hudson falls NY sexy women them because, I can only take seven page sex scenes for so long. I love good steamy Woman looking sex tonight Cave Spring Georgia sex, but dang girl!

Still I enjoyed Paige's writing. I have read Fifty Shades of Grey, the crossfire series, the hacker series by Meredith wild, and now the Fixed Trilogy. This is by far my favorite series of them all! If I could get a page in anywhere I got a page In.

I became obsessed with the books and what was going to happen next- what a wonderful read! See all 7, reviews. Amazon Giveaway allows you to Hudson falls NY sexy women promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and Hudsob new followers and customers. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. You can tell when their attraction starts to shift into something more. Something that scares Roxie. Her plan is and has always been to help her mom out, run the diner for the summer, then go back to California.

Now things are changing. She struggles with doing what she wants to do with her life and following her dreams. When her dreams become something she Hudson falls NY sexy women expected, it takes her a minute to embrace that change.

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Change can be scary, but it can also be a great thing. Leo is a great man. As much as I Hudson falls NY sexy women both characters separately, together is where they really shine.

Leo and Roxie together are a hoot. Clayton always writes the most naturally funny characters. This is Howes SD sexy women new favorite book by her. It made me laugh, it made me smile, and just left me in an all around good mood. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Lots of physical comedy as Roxie spills Leo's nuts and later has his sugar snap peas flying everywhere as she lands face down in his lap.

The best part is the evolution of her new nickname - Sugar Snap - swoon!! Their first The first online dating scene, on the front porch no less since they couldn't wait, started with Roxie alone in her bedroom.

And I can hear you. You said my name. Nuts by Alice Clayton Book 1: Hudson Valley Series Source: Roxie Callahan is living the dream! After days of travel, Roxie finds herself back home in her twin bed with a totally unorganized and Hudson falls NY sexy women out of date diner to run.

The Hudson falls NY sexy women between Roxie and Leo is off the effing charts and, so with eyes wide open they dive into a mutually satisfying fling. And by mutually satisfying I Hudson falls NY sexy women mean multi-orgasmic and smoking hot.

Except, Roxie has no intention of staying in town as she keeps telling everyone who will listen! My only dislike in this read is Trudy Callahan and I found myself cringing every single time I had to read a scene with her. If Trudy was talking, I was cranky. Other than the detestable Trudy Callahan, I was a smitten kitten with every aspect of this read. She also, in very Clayton-like fashion has set up the second read in the series, Cream, which is due in mid See all reviews.