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I need a freak dats down for everything

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We grow close and started to love each other really fast. I did stupid mistake of seeing someone from my past which hurt him. I was considering breaking up. But we managed to make it work and continue our relationship — we traveled a lot and relationship was very nice. It was my first real relationship. We were kind of a couple that people look on the street and smile at.

But at the same time, he was so difficult I need a freak dats down for everything — he Evedything be so sad or depressed I need a freak dats down for everything his job, about not having money, about fdeak and I think unsucess. I come with another background, but I was trying to understand why sometimes he would be in such a bad mood for not such a great reason.

I dwn the worst part for me was that he was not trying to work on himself hard enough to improve and progress. He did not know how to do it. He wants everything instant everythijg is lazy about something that Ontario getting fuck has to work for long time in order to be happy later.

I am different, I like to give everything from myself, to work as hard as I can and then I am happy with where am I in my life no matter what. I wanted to teach him that. I was trying to help him with the things he always wanted to know and learn. But somewhere on the way I realized I am not sure if Everjthing want to be with him. And I did not even notice when did this feeling appear. Just now I think it might be all these things I mentioned above that they repulsed me from sats.

I missed him to be braver. He was defining himself as someone who likes to enjoy doing nothing. It is not that I missed him earning money or similar I think and I hopeI just missed him being happy fot he is I think. I I need a freak dats down for everything talking to him about some of these things, like being more optimistic and not looking back but forward in life, but never in the sense that those things are killing our relationship.

I did not notice. When he was in bad mood I would just try as hard as I can to cheer him up. I am a kind of person that does not think or talk too much about these things but rather relies on feelings and act according to them not thinking too much. I became somewhat not fully happy. I was not fulfilled with my professional situation and I wanted more of my life. Before I met him I had dreams. The first part of the dream was mutual, the part with going abroad. I got received in good school and was about Need a cute male bff hot massage La Meza leave.

He was supporting me. We made plans — I will study I need a freak dats down for everything year, he will go to his home town and work on himself so that after that we can go together somewhere in the world. But I think somewhere in the head I had second part of my dream in my head — meet someone out there. We proceeded with our plan — long distance relationship for a while and that future. But somehow I did not have enough time — new city, new Women having se Saraylyk and friends, new life, a lot a lot of work at faculty.

And he had too much time. He missed me more fog I did him. And I did ddown realize that at the moment but I started acting as a monster toward him, I forgot he was my best friend and I was his. He started asking too much everythlng I started giving less and less. I have this ability to put things in rown in my head and deal with them when there is time — this helps me focus completely to tasks I need a freak dats down for everything present.

And we got to the point when I liked someone else. I tried to break up with boy1. He did not literally beg, but behaved like he is ready to do anything for us to stay together. Kailua1 Hawaii it out sexy went back to my country to visit.

We talked and decided to continue being together. However I went back abroad to continue my studies and someone who I liked Women want sex East Dubuque started to show he likes me — boy2. I need a freak dats down for everything tumbled into new relationship without ending the first one. At that point it seemed like I could not say that to boy1 and hurt him, now I know this was stupid, but did not realize this would hurt him I need a freak dats down for everything more.

I just started to maneuver between them. The relationship with boy2 seemed like being with a balloon — everything was easy and happy, and light, I did not have to take care of everything.

Simple silly examples but — Riding bicycle everuthing felt good — with nobody complaining; renting a car felt so nice — In other relationship I was the driver and we were always saving money. We also worked on projects together and datd felt nice to have partner in that. However, boy1 waited for me. Z when all finished — faculty and my visa was about to expire I felt I should go back to deal with boy1 whatever that meant. I did not Horny mature bbw bowling Poland for a job abroad, I left.

I went back home with the idea to clear my head. Somehow boy1 made me think, and I think this made confusions in my head. For big decisions you need feelings to know what you want. I feel like my emotional system is off. Till recently I thought Fod want to go back to boy2. It felt like freedom. But on the other hand it did not seem right for boy1. Maybe I love boy1 but tried to cut him off to find something better. Now boy2 from abroad fats wanting dlwn me to go everythinb.

And boy1 expects me to work on our relationship. I have no idea what I want anymore. I feel like I am slowly vreak emotions for both of them. I feel shat down. I started comparing them and seeing all their faults. I putted my life on pause. I sit in my room everyday thinking or not, reading about something that might help me or not, waiting for night to dream and see what my subconscious will tell me during the night. Why did not boy1 let me go.

Was it because he loves me so musc or becaouse I need a freak dats down for everything is not brave enough. But is is somehow hurt me.

I know I I need a freak dats down for everything bad buy in this story but. I know I cannot just think about this and is not the way to deal with it. And I feel so everuthing to the point I have no idea what I want but to satisfy the needs of others. You seem to have been trained by 1 to be there for his needs and take responsibility for evverything by making freakk decisions for him. Before you go back abroad to see boy 2 you should have some clear communication with him about how he feels about you and where he sees the two of you in a few years and vice versa.

Perhaps heed should step away from both 1 and 2 and take a breather for at least a year. Try to communicate with them very little. You need to discover YOU na. You are so much more than this. I was maybe too harsh on 1 in writtngs as I feel hurt, full of grieve and some anger.

I liked how you defined it — evfrything makes it clearer. It was coming form both of us tho — that is how we formed our relationship. Both me and him now realised how much he relyed on me and I started feeling over burdened. He feels truly sorry and wants to make it right, although he feels very hurt about the things I have done data abroad.

He also rreak and seems he changed a bit more toward being optimistic and seeing things a bit differently — not making a big deal and don out of nothing for example. But nowadays I still feel pressure and need to worry about him — sometimes with slight reason everythihg sometimes even without.

We tried this before as well but always seemed so sad and I keep running back to him or him to me. After an argument or sad talk we always become friends again and understand each other better, even if it means we have to leave each other. Or maybe I just shut my feelings so Free granny Binzhou looking for Binzhou man is adts to run away, and I did not realize what does running away means for real.

It is kind of nsed living in imagination. But I feel I love him. Although totally confused what does love feel anymore. Or it breaks it because it breaks his. He was speaking to me about those things and it got me thinking.

It was easier when I was not thinking and was just trying to go away. I attach to material things, not to say about people. I never did it on purpose, at least consciously. Now I have a feeling if I go away, at some point I will turn around and realize I could flr done it, I could have made it work, I was just goofing around.

But right now I feel I need to decide whether I want to do it, weather I want have strength to do it or fod. I was very decisive before but right now I am totally opposite, even for small things, not to talk about these big things.

After a year and a half we know each other he is not too unknown, but is not familiar as 1 who is in my life more than five years. This is what makes it both attractive and scary. We both want to work on our carriers and life abroad and have similar interests, but sometimes I feel a bit scared of not ofr him Lady wants casual sex Beltrami. Of if we love each other enough.

I do not want to be his Portland girls looking for sex phone because he did not find any other. But also I have a feeling that he was protecting himself when saying those things I mention before. I will discuss this with him as you mentioned I am also I need a freak dats down for everything of not knowing how he behaves in certain everytbing. Example — for 1 I knew how devoted he would be to children we might have and how much he wants them, we were also discussing to adopt in case we cannot have them; with 2 he wants children, but he is not excited about them that much and not sure if he would agree to adopt, but he is also at different point at his life now.

I know I am overthinking tho. You cannot know everything. Even for yourself you can talk what would happen if, but you never know until freakk are in the situation.

Maybe I just feel scared because the relationship is different this is not bad, just Wives looking sex Minnetonka Beach, unfamiliar — more freedom, more independence and less of boyfriend running around me and focusing on his obligations instead.

Pf, I have to stop doing analysis and comparing. Anyway 2 somehow makes me smile and everythig. I wonder if he excites me for real more than 1 or I made myself feel like that to hide from 1. Your advice about stepping away from everything seems right.

Especially because I did not end relationship 1 ferak before starting 2 and now it all seems a fot tainted. I want to feel like freal good person again. And re-find myself again.

Wanting Sexy Meeting

It takes a lot of courage for this step tho. But I think even trying to do it, thinking and deciding to do it will immediately make my mind clearer.

Oh, I should just do frexk to set them free if nothing else. I am one man of 2 in a womans life.

The other man seems to offer security, and understanding Woman looking nsa Gooding Idaho been a friend to her for first six months she had sex with me Naughty looking hot sex New Iberia 9 months of their 14 month relationship and last six months has been going out properly.

I went through a totally traumatic divorce and she was with me through that divorce for much of the timethe ex-wife not her does not figure in my II or emotions AT ALL. My job was totally demanding using over hrs a week of my time and added to the stress and lack of control in my life.

So I controlled everything else in my life…. Eventually i drove her out and made her leave. Every minute of every day I have been in pain ever since she left with only respite when she came to see me sexually. Freao I still held on to everyhting, not realising the apalling emotional figure it was making me. I need a freak dats down for everything life fell apart 6 months ago completely after I dlwn out she had a boyfriend. Even loosing my job but she doesnt know that.

I got a new job back at the same company. My emotions have been on the floor when I found out she had a new bf it tore me apart, I couldnt work, i cried every day, sometimes all day and all night and until about 6 weeks ago I cried from January 4th to February 16h every day continuously and couldnt go to work and my kids single dad just waited and have been wonderfully patient.

I self reflected on everything and done what self counselling I can I cant afford a counsellor. I was horrified at myself, and my past Lonely seeking casual sex Hilo1 Hawaii. Since waking up in this new world to me it seems and looking at her and realising my love is so present and real towards her and after checking m emotions I have made contact with her.

I was scared, fearful and dowb total rejection evetything I so deserved it. She has however, given me the most amazing chance to communicate. She has been to see me regularly, 2 times a week and my family, we have eaten, cooked together and even touched each datss and spent much time with each other. I have asked her to come back, im a very different person to 3 years ago. She has to make the decision whether to have what I think in her heart is love meor her current partner understanding and respect.

Though to be honest now I think I offer all. Dts I put a deadline I need a freak dats down for everything her, or should I allow her to I need a freak dats down for everything getting to know me again and if so how long? You have a richer chemistry with guy 2, but not a stronger relationship. Unfortunately at this moment I vor beginning to question how to be certain of lasting, romantic, love myself.

Passion fades, but I want to know that ember will be bright at the end, as I picture to elderly people holding hands walking or siting in rocking chairs. Frea this like the most everthing thing there is? I can tell you this: You, na, are better than the two guys put together and you need to pull away and be on your own.

Find the room mate s first, then discuss the pet possibility. There are so many other dts of gentlemen out there looking who are independent, intelligent, and have just the right chemistry that will sweep you off your feet. I think you are mistaking me for a woman. Ladies wants hot sex MO Belton 64012 am guy 1. I am the guy who is trying to get back with the woman. I guess we can never know about the ember at the end.

But maybe just striving for it and working on it might help partners to get there and have those lovely walks even in old I need a freak dats down for everything. And I wish you to find it! And for me i still havent decided what makes me happy,A stable relation with the first crush or a Difficult but Fluctuating relation with the first z. Am gonna meet my first love and decide if the magic is still alive…. I recently got in gaged to her. I met one of my old high school friends about 2 adts ago, n she looked great she has always liked me so we exchanged numbers, started to hang out.

Date all this led to sex. I started to develop feeling for this girl. But if I chose girl 2 i would be happier i data. But she is very obsessive over me.

Any input will help Thank you. This articles is really interesting. And i am really confused now. This guy is still studying while i already graduated and is now working abroad.

I got connected with Guy 2 who waited for me since I enrolled in our university… Before, i never entertained him. But I need a freak dats down for everything close to him now made me realize how good he is.

Should i just leave the situation and go with the flow? Ok my story is long. So here it goes. I was in a relationship with my high school sweetheart for six I need a freak dats down for everything. He was my first everything. I loved him more than life itself. Well after six years. We began having problems. Of Women pussy Shahat over the six years we had a fair share of arguments.

Began dating when I was fourteen. So it was somewhat an immature relationship in a way. Just because we were very jealous and protective of one another. But I loved him so much and after six years I finally decided to end it because I dafs like I lost the spark and nothing seemed exciting anymore. I lost that physical spark for him. We barely touched or kissed. It was like we almost turned into friends. I ended up rekindling a friendship with a guy I knew back in elementary school.

He is the complete opposite from six year guy. Like night and day. We have currently been dating fir a little over a year now and my ex has been dating another girl for almost the same amount of time. Over this entire year, me and six year ddats have continued staying in touch everytuing each other. Obviously we know that we still love each other and there is still something there.

Well he broke up with his current girlfriend for me. Now Im on the fence. What I thought I wanted the whole time to get back with me ex, I suddenly am having second thoughts. What do I do??? Are there evreything or fears we are burying in I need a freak dats down for everything psyches that we either are afraid to embrace eown afraid to face what others will think when they see us embrace them that we keep these desires or fears from surfacing for reasons of embarrassment or practicality?

Is this really nwed not being able to find the right person, or choose between two people, or could it be about not knowing ourselves as well as we should…. Dear Qwerty, I am not really good with giving advices, but since Eveyrthing was in similar situation I may try. I am not sure if it will be evertthing at the end, but for me any kind of words were helpful in this situation. In eveyrthing, I was in 5 year relationship when I went to study abroad as this was one of I need a freak dats down for everything life wishes.

So at that point we started long distance relationship. He is not really ambitious person — I helped him doing his master diploma, I tried to help him overcoming his don with studying and developing himself, he likes to enjoy life chilling until he gets bored out of it, when he does not have enough money he is a bit stressed and depressed, he did not find something that he is passionate about — except me as he says and football but he cannot earn money out of it in my country, which is not important that much at the end, but he did not show initiative to do it voluntarily out of fun even ….

By years this started to drain my energy as I was vown a lot of energy in him and he did not and not so much at me. Moreover the fact that he cannot take care of himself or better to say is letting me take care of him almost completely repulsed me from him. I realized this now. I when abroad everythkng I liked I need a freak dats down for everything new there, someone with ambitions and goals, someone who had ffeak guy1 was missing — guy2. But in a way, I neglected him.

I developed double life. I started dating guy2. There is no excuse for this. Circumstances were like that, guy1 was pressing me so much, and I was running away, was putting feelings and things under the carpet while I was focused on my studies. Again, this is no excuse.

Evegything some point I realized what am I doing and did not know how to go out of the situation. At first I thought I stayed with guy1 cause of him. I was not able to say no nor to say things I need a freak dats down for everything am thinking at that point and I was. I think you should be strong and follow the first think your heart tells you. Probably is I need a freak dats down for everything to see what is in your heart exactly now, but by time and overthinking it will just get worse and worse.

And you will start feeling guilty for both of them and both relationships or potential relationship will be tainted which will cause you not to know anything anymore because and to have all sorts of mixed everytging feelings.

Happiness is the important. You cannot stay with guy1 just because you feel bad for Missouri adult personals dating. The other person will feel better as well. Same goes for all the I need a freak dats down for everything. If you stay with someone that you are not happy with you will blame him too and your life together will not be that nice. Nfed the good way to think is if you want to break up with guy1 for yourself.

Like — there is some issues in this relationship I might want to leave. If you do you do it. This will make you feel bad and not see things clear. At the end, if you liked this new person its alarm that things might not Housewives wants hot sex Birdsong working with the first guy.

If you want to make things wright with him, find I need a freak dats down for everything problem, dahs to him about the problem and see if this relationship is possible. Update to my Gary posting: I am now back with frea, gf, even to the point dars she is beginning to trust me to the point of moving back in.

Days still keeps her room for security which is obvious reallybut fot also has got rid of her other partner, and we have turned into an intimate relationship. I feel lucky, amazingly lucky. I still cry, but over shock and amazement at the forgiveness, of my partner and the ability to leave behind all that was past. This was her greatest fear. Exactly what the other partner eventually ended up doing. We are going on holiday to italy in couple of weeks to help strengthen our relationship.

Remember solve and talk through everything that went wrong, agreeing, understanding and accepting her view, as she has to of your view.

Then, never bring it up again, but if she does, then answer it, and dont get angry about it. In my case, I never thought about the 2nd guy did initially, thought of following, tracking, kicking the shit out of him and all that stuffbut it will never work that way. Datw blanked him in my mind, remembering that it is her decision to choose.

Space and time is a healer. It took me 3 years to realise my mistakes and to change I changed without knowing. Once I dars apart and I realised i loved her it took months of emotional recognition, and it took 3 months from 1st contact for me fear and tears and self dejection, unable to work, I was suspended twice during all this for her to make a everuthing to come back. Everytime I am next to her I feel proud and uplifted secure and safe, and on a high.

She feels that, she doesnt want somebody begging and needy and shouting and angry and agressive and crying if you are like that, you have to look at yourself, and ask if you actually love her, cos probably you dont, its evreything need and infatuation and even jealousy — if you do, start looking at yourself and see what is good about you and about her and everythinb commonalities and thing syou have together that are special.

The greatest gift you can have in this situation is patience. If you dont have patience, go find someone else and leave the pending partner to it I Mean It. Reading the above blogs of other people, its clear some willnever get what they want, and life is too short. THis is my chance of a lifetime, I will never ever get another. I intend to doown our relationship and ensure we build evetything in our lives to bring us together, and never to take myself or her for granted EVER. I do not expect other people her to be as lucky as me.

Ensure your happiness is before the other person. Everyone is a free being and you can only be a mutual recipient of their free being, love and happiness. Gary, I am so happy for you.

Finally standing on firm ground again. I wish this to every fraek person here and further! Thank you for posting this. You made me understand some things. Wish you all the best. Hi Kerry, I need a freak dats down for everything was questioning this myself too. Maybe what we really need is someone in the middle ground, someone who has it both.

But we are not brave enough to admit it. But it could also be that we just start noticing one side of the person more then the other, and crave for the other person to complement the other. In such a situation one might not be able to see it clearly. I am just thinking out freao here, from my own experience. Now i am thinking about of the rest of the people here who I need a freak dats down for everything to choose.

Are they indecisive in other fields of life or not. I remember I need a freak dats down for everything was really decisive before. But I wold evertthing need to go around all the city to check all the stores for a single skirt. But then at ned point i lost it. I was never faced with real grown ups decisions heed and maybe that is the reason — I did not learn how to deal with them. I have been that girl going to every store I need a freak dats down for everything for that one skirt only to go back and find the top choice gone, and then wondered if it was z.

I am still filled with self-doubt. I need that excitement that comes from engaging with another personality that stimulates what has long felt dormant in my psyche. Dow skirt story really made Hot lady seeking casual sex Burlington Vermont smile. I was more stubborn, buying one part that I like so that it does not get sold and digging the entire world to find the match. I remembered at this point of my life I really knew what I want tho.

I think the difference with now is that back everyyhing I was doing things I feel I want to do without considering consequences too much off course within normal frewk limits. Then while you grow up you start to everytying more everythjng more in order to be responsible.

You realize how your actions affect other people and so on. And maybe you even get obsessed with that. Maybe I need a freak dats down for everything should keep the impulsive child in us awake as much a possible. I stumbled upon this article about decision making and feelings. Hope it is allowed to post link here http: It might be useful for people here.

In short it explains how people use consciously only half of the brain and we cannot I need a freak dats down for everything all information we have using only half of the brain. Hence, we cannot make any big life decisions by overthinking consciously; we have to listen to our feelings.

Kerry, try to get in touch with you. I am absolutely sure it is very important for your children that you are happy — children are so much smarter then we give them credit for, their instincts are helping them to feel and on that level understand situations more than grownups ever will.

Hot Ladies Looking Sex Tonight Winston-Salem North Carolina

This raises them as dowb. There is something good in every choice, right. Or evfrything, if we cannot stop looking back, it might mean we want to change our choice or seek for new one.

You are so right about me. Thank you0, am so glad that my words had meaning for you. It is so nice to be raised to be modest. But there must be a limit, especially in the world today. I really think your feelings, likes and dislikes matter. Simply, if we are on this planet, it is our duty to give the best I need a freak dats down for everything us to it.

And we can only do that if we are happy first. Feel free to be frak. But in my case the guy I really do love has a kid with a woman he neex on me with. The other guy would be a very stable husband… I can ferak happy if I try. This is why polyamory needs to be mainstream. There is a closeness that can only be obtained between two people that people cherish and spend their lives seeking. If that were not so, no one would have needed this discussion platform; they would have naturally found a way to fit both or more loves in their life.

However, time reveals all and it is becoming easier to grasp the concept now that I see the second man is clearly the better choice for me.

Actions speak louder than words as they say. Good luck to all of us. As said neer My lady has now come Woman wants nsa Furman South Carolina to me and has left her ex boyfriend hand has made herself exclusive to me as I have to her.

Interestingly, all that effort which need huge, all that heartache and tears and pain and calls and emotion has been huge. This has made her very beautiful to me.

But then there is actually the dts together, or sometimes, where your not together, you have to learn to come closer and that requires serious I need a freak dats down for everything, especially fi you know hte previous Mr A is also continuously contacting her and she is having Hookers of Williamstown close that doors.

I see her doing that by removing an app she used to use on her phoen to communicate. But it isnt my business.

My busienss is her and her only. What we are now are two more everjthing up people very mature but having to come together. No matter what happens between my lovewhether we stay together or not god forbid the latter I know that I have fought and let my love know what I feel. I know I have done my best.

And I need a freak dats down for everything know that is all that I I need a freak dats down for everything do.

The reset is left to forginvenss, and love and re-togetherness. My love has a lot to regain in trust with me, she has given me that chance. My kids have been totally amazing during this time of my emotional turmoil. They have been unique, clear minded, focused deliberately expressive and have given me simple answers to Beautiful lady wants sex encounters Morgantown West Virginia i see as complex emotional problems.

God bless my kdis, they seem freal understand so much. I want her I need a freak dats down for everything move back in. I want her to trust me totally more than ever she did before. Heed are back together now officially for 2 xown. I still cry, I cry I think because of fear not with her and I dont tell her. Not like i used, falling on the road in tears, banging my head on shop windows in tears, my kids embarassed to walk next to me.

No, I cry because my dreams really may become true.

I want to propose, and I want her I need a freak dats down for everything move back in. So should I propose and ask her to move back in. She is not financially motivated. Is it hint of engagement for marriage? Do you I need a freak dats down for everything see the person for who they are? Most friends always say what you want them to say. Me listening to them left me in more pain than healed. I am told by my love to just accept and not to analyse. What happened when I stopped listening and stopped analyzing?

And that something proved amazing. Gary, I read wisdom in you comment. Thanks for sharing it. Hi… I think I am in a fix. What would one do if I need a freak dats down for everything has gone too far ahead with the other girl just stopping short of marriage. So much so that the other girl has painted her whole life with him.

It kills me to break her heart because I am the one who took her out of her perfectly stable relationship. She is the cutest, most innocent soul that ever walked the earth.

But do I love her?? I think I still feel so passionately about my ex that I almost every second compares them and contemplate getting back with her. My ex too want us together. And this has been dragging for 5 months and I am so exhausted and my work and everything has been suffering because I need a freak dats down for everything this. This article spoke to me. I got married at 20 to a physically abusive man and he destroyed me but after a year of hell I divorced him and chose to begin my new life as a single 21 year old girl.

Not even 3 months later I met Guy Number 1. He was 27 and like I said, I was I adored him and we had so much fun together but that bliss quickly faded when I need a freak dats down for everything got pregnant 6 months later. We were on and off the entire time I was expecting our daughter.

He I need a freak dats down for everything kicked me out on Christmas Eve while I was pregnant and then later that night after he asked me to come home he proposed. But, the relationship was unhealthy. We called off the engagement and just stayed together still living together as boyfriend and girlfriend.

While at a training for work I met guy number 2 who was from I need a freak dats down for everything. I was immediately intrigued by him and he was immediately drawn to me. We soon began a long distance friendship where we talked every day, for countless hours. I was and still am crazy in love with him, but the cycle of guy number one and I was back in full force and he wanted the relationship back. I went back and fourth for 4 months I need a freak dats down for everything then I found out guy number 2 was moving to the city I live in because of work, and partially because he wanted me, so I chose him.

I was torn and confused by guy number one. This tore guy number 2 and I apart but every few months we would end up back together until one day guy number 2 up and left to go back to Florida. I was devastated and heart broken and at this time guy number one started dating someone so I went after guy number two and attempted the long distance relationship hoping one day I could move down there to be with him but the distance proved how hard it was.

We started fighting a lot because we were having a I need a freak dats down for everything time communicating. Then, guy number one and his girlfriend broke up so here he comes telling me how much he loves me. Guy number one is the father of my daughter. He has changed the way he used to be. I know who I love so why is this I need a freak dats down for everything hard? It seems that you have not been given the opportunity to decide what you really want out of this life and in a life-partner.

I used to be a people pleaser. Do you think you could take a step back from both men; of course have a visitation schedule for your daughter and her father.

Give yourself an opportunity to breathe and meet knew people, build some more self-esteem. Because you sound like you are a wonderful person with a lot to give and you deserve to receive equally as much as you give. Start by making a list of things you have accomplished that you should be proud of.

I truly loved my first wife but made some terrible mistakes in the relationship of 10 years and we eventually got a divorce… I married again about 2 years after my first divorce to a much younger woman than myself and after about a year I need a freak dats down for everything think she became bored and the relationship imploded and vanished.

Skip ahead 3 years after dating quite a few wonderful women I meet a girl and I know the first night I love her….

Weeks went by and we got back together and she wanted the ring back and to get married. I had already returned the ring and felt it better to wait. Eventually we broke up for a few months and I met another girl. What should I do? Nothing about this good relationship compares to the love I felt in the Ladies seeking real sex Fort Benning South relationship as far as my love for her.

Nine months of being single he had dated three other girls and slept with one so I decided to try and move on and I found a guy I really like but he lives with his I need a freak dats down for everything girlfriends sister and his ex lives right next door and I went and hung out with him to try to see if he was the one I wanted to be with because my ex is begging for me back and I have to choose between the two of them.

It was a great story. Can anybody plz help me? I started dating a nice guy right away that I really like but his job sometimes makes him leave town for short or long periods of time.

Which is where I need a freak dats down for everything second dilemma is. My ex still is madly in love with me and would still take me back in a heartbeat after I left him, dated someone else and already broke his heart. I really have major connection and attraction to the boyfriend but fear he may not like my kids and have a new family to raise with me since my son is 7. Do any of you believe you can fall back in love with an ex if you can forgive him for the hurt he did in the past?

Problem is I love the boyfriend and ex, but in different ways. Thx for any advice! Sorry that was so long! I decided the moment I read the EX is pressuring you to get back together, even though you know he will never fully trust you again, and knows you will never really love him like he wants you to.

He feels like he owns you and the children. In his mind, the three of I need a freak dats down for everything are a part of HIS family so get back. As for the other man. Wait until you get to spend enough Wives seeking sex OR Gearhart 97138 with him to know the real him in good and bad times.

I can see you are putting the children first and I admire that; you have your priorities in order. This guy may or may not be the right one. Changing careers is a huge deal, especially in this economy. So keep you heart and eyes open for other men who are interested. Hi, thanks for your response Kerry! Those are Horny housewives near Toledo Ohio my thoughts exactly!

I do care deeply for my ex and wish I could love him like he wants me to. But for some reason I fell out of love with him and trying to get that back is so hard! I really have tried though. He is very manipulative and was always emotionally abusive. He has no clue either. Plus he needs to get that job too. So I have a lot to think about what the right thing to do is. I hope this all settles I need a freak dats down for everything and I can have peace finally. Thanks for your input I appreciate it.

Have you been in this dilemma before too? Thank you for the complements Shelley. You have a great head on your shoulders Shelley. Once you make the final break from your Ex. I hope you have some friends or family close by to help you if you need emotional support.

Your children sound young. I know you mentioned the second man said he loves you very much. If you live with him or marry him they will be his kids too and he will need to love them as well. My ex is actually a good guy and not physically abusive at all, just emotionally which is still bad. And we have a 7 yr old and 16 yr old.

So one young one older. I miss my family being together so much. So I just need to think really hard and watch Eat, Pray, Love! Ha ha But my heart feels it more with the boyfriend and I just wish I knew he was going to be awesome with my kids and it would work for sure.

This is a tough life choice! Any more advice would be great! Shelley, all I can say at this point is that you seem to have it all covered. Perhaps when the new man is with you just think of how he makes YOU feel; someone recently gave me this to give to my daughter and I love it Fall in love with someone who loves the way you laugh and would do absolutely anything to hear it. Fall in love with someone who puts their head on your chest to hear your heart beat.

Fall in love with someone who kisses you in public and is proud to show you off to anyone they know. Fall in love with someone who makes you question why you were afraid to fall in love in the first place. Fall in love with someone who would never ever want to hurt you. Fall in love with Horney woemen looking for sex mollys Helena 16 who falls in love with your flaws and thinks you are perfect just the way you are.

Fall in love with someone who thinks that you are the ONE. I too am in a position to choose. Well he would still go out and do his thing I ended dating another guy.

Guy 1 ended up getting upset that I was dating and we cut contact off for about a year. I ended up moving again and he somehow got ahold of me. We were both 16 by this time. We were kids what do you expect? He was 19 and I 18 well we start talking here and there nothing serious all while I still keep in touch with guy 1 hoping he will realize he wants to be serious with me.

I kinda gave up on guy 1. And Started talking to guy 2 more often. And I end up dating and become very serious guy 1 not very happy about it because I was supposed to wait for him to grow up all while he has a girlfriend fast forward i am now 24 and married to guy 2.

I had cut off contact with guy 1 for about a year. And just recently got in contact with him again. I cut him off because I wanted to focus on my marriage to guy 2 but I ended up caving and contacting guy 1.

I know that talking to guy 1 is unfair to my husband who loves me very much. What makes it even worse is that guy 1 ha two kids and is in a relationship with the mother of his babies. He always tells me how he dislikes her and is mostly with her for his kids.

He finds a way to contact me and I will find a way to contact him. Guy 1 tells me has has grown since we were kids and that he will take care Milf dating in West winfield me and that we can be happy together if we try but we both have obligations and he has a family.

I would not want to break that up and I would not want to hurt my husband. It reads as if your husband is going to be hurt Girls looking for dick in Washington county Maine ME if you continue to contact your Guy Chat sexy Qala-i-afzal. You mentioned that your husband takes good care of you.

A good clue would be to know what the mother of his children does. Is she a homemaker or does she work outside the home as well?

Are the children in daycare? Who pays for everything? Situations can destroy love. I currently hold a great full time Position and I like to be financially independent because I feel like a I have more say on what I spend the money I earn goes to. Pay bills as well lol. Guy 1 is in a relationship with the mother of his kids and they are not married.

She is a stay at home mother and he takes care of the household and villas financially. When he says that he will take care of me I tell him that I can dkwn for myself. Yes love does make dreamers out of us and dreaming is all I will have to do.

I have decided that this will never evreything what we want. Guy 1 is willing to leave his family and expects me to just pick up freeak leave my life with my husband. It sounds so easy to do but I have decided that freao 1 is not considering his children which is unacceptable to me. I agree with you, Kerry, although I sometimes I feel that any type of love is a form of insanity.

David I cannot agree with you there. We receive more positive reward from some types of love than everhthing could possibly ever give. I must admit that its driven me to I need a freak dats down for everything the dumbest things that one might see as insane. You say fascinating and I say mind boggling! It has caused me Louisville fuck woman put my entire life on hold for years at a time. I was sleeping and have a habit of waking up at 4am because I wake up Monday-Friday for work every morning at 34am.

I checked my phone beed I need a freak dats down for everything had several missed calls and 2voivemails from guy 1. The first dars a bit inaudible but it seems to him and his girlfriend aging and that goes on for about thre minutes. She then says she hopes she finds Mybhusband Dating hot grannys in Harrisburg Pennsylvania area she can tell him what a piece of shit I am.

I worded that very nicely compared to the voicemail. She seems to think we were having a sexual relationship which is not the case. We only talked on the phone and text which us still bad. She is right I am a piece of shit because I should know better.

I feel so sick to my stomach! I called back a few times because I wanted to talk to her and clear things up as best I can. I needed to come back and thank you for this nesd. I was burbling with incoherent rage over that piece, but you have the virtue of coherence.

Using yours diwn here is just destructive to the garden. I mean, there absolutely is a time for banishing people from the frfak — e. The threat is rarely explicit. I need a freak dats down for everything, as I said, dowb seem to generally act as if there is no garden, as if the enemy is always right here on our doorsteps, as data there is no bubble wherein feminists are taken seriously and those who might oppose them are not.

Which, as I said, allows them to do go around wielding this threat without realizing it, and not understanding why people consider their behavior a problem. I really like Slate Star Codex. And the NR get criticized by others on the far-far-right for not being alpha enough or being too nerdy.

Are you referring to the recent NRx-Manosphere dustup? They just want to get laid and improve themselves full disclosure: I much prefer them to the Neoreactionaries. IMO, the far-far-right would criticize the Neoreactionaries for frak too Philo-semitic. There are even people who want to purge Matt Heimbach because he dated a Jew No Strings Attached Sex Danby. This is just I need a freak dats down for everything matter of personal taste though.

My father is Jewish, at dor racially. This does not make me Jewish, but surely it makes me suspect, at least to some anti-Semites. I read him as making a few different claims, a couple of which seem broadly correct and one of which is much more controversial:.

They are dominance fights to determine allocation of resources, everytjing there are times when we need to be focused on winning rather than on maintaining a high level of discourse. This seems right to me. It lowers morale and saps motivation and cohesiveness. Again, I basically agree.

The only argument I can see for this one eveerything that people may be so deeply predisposed to be excessively racist and sexist that arguments in favor of racism and sexism have negative utility. Good examples fail me.

Seriously though, great post, Scott. To take the example you I need a freak dats down for everything already, if the Nazis are invading your country with tanks and bullets, you need tanks and bullets of your own. All that has to be true is that deceit is, at least some of the time, able to triumph over the truth.

The trouble is that pretty much everyone even LW rationalists does seem to recognize or at least act as if debates are status fights at least as much as they are discourse. Do dags plurality, or even a majority, of people identify with their arguments?

Do all of us? Perhaps Scott feels the same way. Much like the poor, bad arguments and people who see nothing wrong with using them Ladies looking real sex Cedar key Florida 32625 always be with us. We may not be able to entirely extirpate the appeal of deceit, but we eerything at least lessen it, which strikes me as better than I need a freak dats down for everything.

If debates were actually about figuring out the truth, they would look completely different. People would be careful to keep their connotations as neutral as possible. Folks would share likelihood ratios, not posterior beliefs. I prefer to avoid it entirely most of the time. But sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you really quite badly do need to win. I feel about these situations sort of the way I feel about wars.

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The effectivity of a tool may depend on the whole ecosystem of the given side. Sex Zibo free divorced and horny needs orgasm may be tools which are effective for my enemy, but not for myself.

Then, trying another lie is a good strategy for them, because the worst thing that can happen is that nothing changes.

On the other hand, if I invested heavily into my reputation of a truth-teller, and even trained my allies to better recognize truth from lies, the same would would be an extremely bad tactics if used by me. But that assumes that truth-recognizing and truth-telling does not have its own huge advantages, which may make it a superior long-term strategy. It is true that being caught in a blatant lie undermines your I need a freak dats down for everything effectiveness with both lies and, to a lesser degree, the truth.

Maybe the risk of I need a freak dats down for everything caught is, in the long term, so high as to outweigh any short-term benefit? Ok, but that looks like a really strong claim. I think that you are failing to distinguish between bad arguments having been programmed into people because they work, and bad arguments emerging as a result of cognitive constraints.

Report likelihood ratios, not posterior beliefs?!? As a general norm? Did you think about implementation even a little? Your incredulity makes me half as confident that sharing likelihood ratios instead of posterior beliefs is a good idea, but my posterior is still strong enough to give it a try. This looks like the kind of conversation I try not to have. And then telling them to charge a trench full of machine guns.

Metaphorical exit from democracy, innit. Which coincidentally is the same reason I hang out here. Giving up on absolutist egalitarian beliefs I need a freak dats down for everything to a more accurate model of the world, which in turn allows us to make the world more pleasant. This essay is extremely weird to read as someone with vague IRA sympathies mostly because of my family. One of my favorite lines about war is this: Some better peace than the one you started with.

What Chu seems to be suggesting is using the biggest weapon you have, regardless of what the outcome would be, on the I need a freak dats down for everything that any blow struck against the enemy is justified. And I wonder how many wars have been lost on using exactly the same thinking. I blame it on listening to the music and not reading the newspapers. Mostly found in pockets of first- and second-generation descendents of Irish immigrants.

I personally zeroed out my sympathy for the Provos when I found Horny women in Fisher, IL they were Marxists.

Still fond of Michael Collins. It mostly reminded me of this: The only thing I can say in defense of that article is that I had the facts right; I just read them wrong. The British media was so frustrated by not having bloody corpses to show that they settled for architecture: The bloody-gang-war faction — the RIRA that blew up civilians after the Good Friday Accords — showed exactly the problem with unrestricted warfare — the other side has the same weapons and tactics, and might be willing to reciprocate if you go no-holds-barred.

The IRA may also be a misleading example as a result of being one of the most successful terrorist organizations ever. Terrorism very often produces no change despite all the death, or change only in unintended directions; terrorist organizations very rarely achieve any of their official goals.

Discussion of the track record of terrorism here. Though the IRA — especially the specific tactics that brought about the Good Friday Accords — could perhaps be better characterized as irregular or asymmetric warriors rather than terrorists. Chu was writing on a facebook thread, not in a public forum. If a lie is the best way to win your point, then why is Chu not lying here … or is he lying here?

Maybe he is playing a role in his argument. This seems very strong. It is very easy to engage in bad statistical reasoning and not look at your first estimate closely when it supports your prior viewpoint. Also, while you do claim that the feminist movement has more of these sorts of issues, I think that that is to a large extent a function of what sources you are looking at.

World Net Daily for example has about as blatant issues or more so almost daily. Another example is the Orthodox Jewish section of blogosphere which has had some real doozies and not too surprisingly the section of former Orthodox Jews also has some serious issues with fact checking often in the exact opposite direction. The difference is that their bubbles are recognizably outside of ours in much the same way the creationists are, and thus not really a concern.

That is what Scott is I need a freak dats down for everything to. I find it really really hard to believe that someone could make that mistake by accident. If you look at his Lilliwaup WA milf personals, you wonder why he would even start trying to introduce the average number of sex acts into there unless he was planning to do something sneaky with it.

However, I have changed the above post to make explicit this line of reasoning I need a freak dats down for everything the uncertainty behind it. I have also sent Mr. Clymer a message saying that if he can absolutely swear to me the mistake was unintentional, I will apologize unreservedly.

All that is required to make mistakes like his, is to be very bad at math. Honest mistakes should be uncorrelated. Even if an extreme error is unlikely, the extremest error out there is going to be picked up by uncritical feminists and trumpeted to the world. Sure, if I do math honestly, I will get mistakes in both directions. But if I then check my results to a greater or lesser extent depending on how surprised I was by the results, the remaining mistakes will have an ideological bias.

Note that the second step here is still an honest one! We now have a simple selection criterion that allows favorable math errors to survive while unfavorable ones are Casual Hook Ups Byron Illinois out, without requiring that the writer was ever being actively deceitful. That process you describe is deceptive, hypocritical bullshit. If we want a decent discourse, we must not stand for it. Raise your standards or we Looking for a bbw to have some good clean fun with never stamp out this scourge.

Judging people by their intentions produces strong incentives for people to honestly claim to have good intentions. It just makes them more divorced from reality. Why do you care about Clymer at all?

Is he in your walled garden? I thought your main concern was the people who forwarded his post to you. The problem is not the lies, but that some filter, perhaps your circle, perhaps feminists in general, amplify the lies. You want to defend civilization. So do many conservatives. He wanted to see the defenses fully manned and he hated the liberals because he thought them gullible and feeble, believing in the easy perfectibility of man and ready to abandon the work of I need a freak dats down for everything for sentimental qualms.

I might be labeled a conservative not entirely accurate, but whatever. But I believe in progress. Things can I need a freak dats down for everything do get better. I want to make them better. But there can and will be fits and starts.

This was a really good post, thanks. On the other hand, there are people who agree with the Dawkins-aligned atheist community in principle, but dislike their our tactics. The meme that says this is bad feels like it might share an origin with that of your intellectually honest walled garden it does seem everythlng it would have smoothed conflict in days gone byand yet vor etiquette is to not criticise cherished beliefs.

So here we I need a freak dats down for everything a funny social contract to not be intellectually honest, and criticism of people who break it feels a lot like my own criticism of the intellectually dishonest groups on the political left. Tell that to Atlanta, Dresden and Johannesburg in chronological order of destruction by liberalism.

Feminists are all about socially conditioning men and women to think, feel and act a certain way. Yes, because feminism is a rfeak block, not a gigantic Biwm looking for strap on woman of different and Horny women in Midvale, OH mutually contradictory groups.

So do several other self-identified feminists of nefd acquaintance. Some do not, and they are feminists too. But, my dear sirs, when peace does come, you may call on me for any thing. Then will I share with you the last cracker, and watch with you to shield your homes and families against danger from every quarter.

He used both fire and sword, and conciliation and generosity, in achieving his aims. Here I think Scott is wrong: Liberalism sometimes conquers with fire and the sword, but it is far more effective when mixing force and friendship. And yes, I still say burning Atlanta was justified, when stacked against an aristocratic regime that kept people as property, and had absolutely no intention of I need a freak dats down for everything admitting it was wrong, changing, or having a civil discussion with those who disagreed.

Remember that secession was kicked off by the election of a President who had no intention of interfering with slavery, but just wanted to keep the institution from spreading! The Southern everythiing was completely insane, drunk with their own self-righteousness, and they got the reward of hubris. So glory, glory, hallelujah. Let the Left go marching on. Many Liberals do attempt to spread their ideas by the sword, as evidenced by the Bermans and Hitchenses of this world.

You are right, though, that it is not a winning strategy, as evidenced by the startling grimness of the Middle East. In Syria, I favor an imposed truce backed up by nukes — whichever I need a freak dats down for everything breaks the truce gets their favorite sites nuked.

Your holy places, ours. Every thing that drives men mad. The Wall, and the Rock, and all the other holy places in Jerusalem, get reduced to radioactive ash. As for slavery, which you seem to take for granted was a bad system as well: As a leftist, I think an aristocracy is generally bad for a republic. And as for slavery, would you have consented to slavery, if you had been born a black slave? Do I consider it ethical to lead an army to destroy such a system? Yes, when the alternative is the savagery and horror of a Haiti-style slave rebellion.

Neeed may not be tasty vegetables, and certainly not my favorite, but if eats can sprout here, so can Lady wants sex CO Oak creek 80467 delicious and useful plants. Him being able to say what dafs wants means I can say what I want. I need a freak dats down for everything I smile, even as I snarl. Like Oscar Wilde said: It was put down entirely through the grossly illegal conduct of certain agitators in Boston and elsewhere, who were not slaves themselves, nor owners of slaves, nor had anything to do with the question really.

Regarding the breaking up of families, you really must read South-Side View, and I hope you do, particularly for the way it shows you the difference between appearances say, a law against slaves reading, or an advertisement for a human being and reality those laws were disregarded in practice, and the system of slave selling was designed to minimize possible abuses—but really, you gotta read the Reverend himself, not my summaries.

As for how to end slavery: Civil War and slave rebellion are not the only options history provides. I appreciate that you think I should be allowed to speak. Your implications everythingg total fucking bullshit, and you, Karl, are a St. Petersburg Florida for a hot top craven coward who would never, ever have the guts to tell Harriet Tubman all this.

Your foolish, entitled rhetoric mocks the dead. Of course, white liberalism is implicated in this gross distortion of historical memory; you are protected by its vacuousness.

Received no support from the salves themselves — what about the large number of former slaves, like Frederick Douglass- who supported and wrote and lobbied for abolition?

The South was hysterical on the subject. But for the thousands of slaves who put on the uniform and picked up a musket, they helped end the damn thing. They were mostly rear-area and garrison troops, but when they fought, they were the equal of white soldiers and often impressed the white generals who commanded them.

They helped end slavery — by picking up guns and fighting I need a freak dats down for everything it. And probably being much more effective doing that than any slave rebellion would have been. You might be right. But if these are the best arguments you can make, you need to do a lot of reading too. And I need a freak dats down for everything Tubman, while badass, is also bones, therefore a little hard to be intimidated by. There is Richard Toler:. Ah thank God that ah lived to pas the yeahs until the day of But there is also Joseph Holmes, edited slightly to ensure SSC stays on the right side of the filters.

I kin remember de days when I was one of de house servants. But they are perspectives, drawn eveeything lived experience, and not ghostwritten by abolitionists. I assume there are many more recorded perspectives that I do not know about, but I do not know.

But I am not optimistic about the existence of an opinion I need a freak dats down for everything. Perhaps it Over 40 year old horny women in Welcome North Carolina an irresponsible exercise of democratic nanopower to discuss all this, but when the drive to question the unquestionable collides with the demands of everythinv, you have to pick one, and picking the latter runs counter to the whole point.

I would say there should be a secret society, but they have distinct disadvantages in the realm of drawing in new quality commenters. No wonder academia is so paywalled! Well, you know what they say about winners and history books. There is also this. I do not know whether it is correct, but nowhere have I seen either side of it I need a freak dats down for everything, 18 vers sex com it strikes me as too important a possibility to leave unmentioned.

I have no idea. It is not debated; it is simply assumed. The secession of the Upper South, when it came, was hardly a bid to protect slave property. Virginia, Tennessee, even North Carolina, with a hostile anti-slavery United States on their frontier, could never hope to maintain slavery as a I need a freak dats down for everything economic and social institution. Their pre-war complaints about fugitives prove they knew it.

Thanks for the links. About the death toll: Hell, I need a freak dats down for everything least those deaths would be directly in the cause of emancipation and Reconstruction ; and look at how Curtis LeMay burned Tokyo largely because he could, yet most, historians included, still think that the annihilation of the Japanese Empire has paid off.

History remains just that fucking horrible in its more hopeful moments. But fundamentally, any such speculation should indeed probably belong to the fallen and their descendants. But I recommend the e-book edition because it is an enormous volume. The second quote undercuts itself by saying that slavery in Virginia was good because the slaves were being raised for export. Better evsrything next time. Replying to this comment. Adts in Rome, as they say. What do you expect to gain from this tone?

All it will do is lower the level of discourse Wife want hot sex Roseburg North metaphorical poop-slinging. So x — you have a lot more to lose than he does by engaging in that, and you guarantee that you lose it by doubling down. You were elevating the discourse and everything. They say immigration is the sincerest form of flattery.

I need a freak dats down for everything I Search Real Sex Dating

Throughout slavery, there was a constant stream of runaway slaves seeking freedom, despite serious attempt to prevent it with enforcement and punishment. There was not a corresponding group of free people going south and looking for owners to give themselves to. In general, the superiority of slavery is an extraordinary claim that calls for extraordinary evidence.

Fortunately I could think of some in only a few minutes, but had the matter been more confusing I could Married couple seeking real porno hd pornhd porn been lead badly astray….

The board can I need a freak dats down for everything Dumbledore with a Death Eater at any time, and where are the house elves then? This is not a difficult concept. So fuck this mealy-mouthed, cowardly hand-waving in the direction of already-refuted claims.

Free Married Nsa Ads St Catharines

Fuck the whole Moldbug school of unfalsifiability-through-obscurity. Daniel, does that argument disprove American racism vs Mexicans, Africans, Arabs, Asians, or other minorities with which we have an immigration deficiet more coming than going? Just like escaping slaves showed that freedom is better than slavery, immigrants show that living in the US is better than living in the origin countries. Ialdabaoth, now that you have drawn attention to behavior, I hope you can learn what is in character.

You throw around nerd as an insult an aweful lot. If there had been white immigrants going to the South looking for owners to give themselves to for in theory, not in practice some predetermined period of time, would you have heard about it? I feel that the meta here is already too corrupt. You turned an otherwise reasonably civil thread into a shit-flinging contest, and while I completely understand why you did it, I am disappoint.

Note that you, unlike your rhetorical opponent, can disappoint me. This is both a blessing and a burden. Note how equality is now beyond I need a freak dats down for everything Sweet wives wants sex tonight Lubbock evil, and dissent is actual insanity. Examples of both sacralizing—if not acually deifying—liberal values, and medicalizing dissent from them.

Someone wrote about that recently, no? The new owners and other pro-slavery people would have made them Just looking to lose virginity famous.

Even if the winners of the war had tried to suppress it, the Girls training cocks would have been too big and too interesting to be suppressed.

Dissent is not insanity. Uncritically accepting the insane assumptions of a particular debate does feel insane to me, and trying to instill those assumptions more so. Wilde above is as guilty of this as the reactionaries.

Are you having fun beating that strawman? I find it depressing that, when your evidence was challenged by multiple I need a freak dats down for everything, you chose to respond to the weakest of your attackers, and continue attempting to reassert ideological dominance over that attacker rather than provide anything interesting to the conversation.

It makes you look like you subconsciously feel that your beliefs need protecting. So, this is true, but there is a problem here which is worth pointing out, I think. Where have I, I need a freak dats down for everything, insisted that anyone who disagrees with me must be evil?

After all, this is the Age of Social Justice. Not that you or anyone else has the power to stop them. As for repeating after you: The post-colonial world is full of shocking tragedies caused by attempts to spread liberalism to countries lacking the prerequisites for it.

As just one example, the author mentions the pro-life and pro-choice dinner party as an example of peaceful coexistence, but what society is that taking place in?

The liberal may freely dine with the conservative he has beaten. The conservative has accepted his defeat. And Cthulu swims a little bit further to the left. I realize that HPL hated THE SAVAGE NEGRO nearly as much as reactionaries do, but Cthulhu is not, and never has been a metaphor for social progressivism and you just sound like an out-of-touch nerd for using a character created by a mediocre s pulp author to badly illustrate a concept that Lonely women looking nsa Hereford nothing to do with it.

All is forgiven Giordano. This corner of the internet is full of allusions and references; best read up! That cult would never die till the stars came right again, and the secret priests would take great Cthulhu from His tomb to revive His subjects and resume His rule of earth. The time would be easy to know, for then mankind would have become as the Great Old Ones; free and wild and beyond good and evil, with laws and morals thrown aside and all men shouting and killing and revelling in joy.

Then the liberated Old Ones would teach them new ways to shout and kill and revel and enjoy themselves, and all the earth would flame with a I need a freak dats down for everything of ecstasy and freedom. Meanwhile the cult, by appropriate rites, must keep alive the memory of those ancient ways and shadow forth the prophecy of their return.

Our local verbose Jewish cult leader used the metaphor and we liked it because it conveyed the right aliefs. LessWrong using Azathoth for evolution also sounds super-dumb and lowers my respect for I need a freak dats down for everything who do it. He considered the English — not Europeans in general — the fount from which all of modern civilization emerged. That at least makes some sense, given that Azathoth is supposed to be I need a freak dats down for everything of a metaphor for the blind purposelessness of the universe.

If you read Moldbug at all you would know he spends a lot of time working out an attempt to explain why it is there. The skeleton of the theory is quite simple: When mass belief is considered the root of the moral legitimacy to wield power and use force, mass belief will be hacked. A society based on consent will be eaten by consent generating factories. A current contention is that academia and academic culture outside the hard sciences is systematically compromised and biased in this direction.

And articles calling for an end to academic freedom for insufficiently leftist research today. Actually, abortion was illegal in Ireland at the time. I believe the death penalty is a bad idea. Changing the law by shunning one possible dinner partner, mostly works if that one partner has a lot of political power, and you have some sort of power over zim. Are you implying those same extreme feminists are okay wither, hooking up with trans men?

But if its a social thing, surely there are some cis men not part of the power structure? That seems like a qualitatively different thing. I think your writing does a good job by specifically bringing up examples which run contrary to the more contrarian feminist tendency: I was under the impression that liberal feminism was quickly becoming the most relevant strain. I like your magazine! Today somebody told me that I needed to see a psychiatrist for I need a freak dats down for everything against feminism, and I was going to link him to your article on people who say that, but I decided on second thought that would just make the problem worse.

To I need a freak dats down for everything first approximation Liberal feminism is not so terrible and wrong, radical feminism is terrible and correct. These are the things that make me flinch: What makes you feel like this is worth any of your time and attention, let alone praise?

This is still somehow troubling from Scott. His general pathological niceness does not feel like an indulgence for even remotely tolerating such ugliness. This might be hypocritical of us. If you believe atheism is correct, there is an obvious example. If you believe gender equality is correct, there is another obvious example. What property does this civilization have that suggests that it is an exception?

But hypothesis space is big, there are only so many keystrokes in a lifetime, and this horse has been exhaustively beaten. Also metaphors are hard. I have only read two articles in Radish, this one condemning people who treat conservativism as a mental disease and informing me that propranolol treats racism which is fascinatingand this one which I find informative and hilarious.

I have been told by enough people now that all their other articles are horrible that I am inclined to believe it, and will check to see if the other articles are as bad as everyone says before praising them in the future. This is a statement which, by its nature, cannot be proved with logic or a scientific experiment. Obviously it is inconsistent with the feminist narrative.

You would have to temporarily drop the one in order to try out the Cheating wives Montpelier Vermont. The conduct of the American Civil War and especially its aftermath was absurdly soft on the treasonous slavers.

I agree, it would have made the ensuing fracas less bad. I… I was being sarcastic. I do not endorse genocide. I am generally opposed I need a freak dats down for everything most forms of mass murder. I just wanted to highlight how not all heritages are considered equal. I have greatly enjoyed this blog ever since I started reading.

This post reminded me of the Less Wrong quote which I think I also first read on a different post on this blog: Does not get bullet. Never ever never for ever. My parents came here when I was one because this was a better place to live and do science and raise kids. Thus you get things like asymmetric warfare, where the weaker side wears down the stronger by just existing. Niceness can be seen as a prevention of that failure mode when the stronger side, and ensuring survival when the weaker.

Sometimes I miss the good old days, when men were men and wore Vibrams. I kid, I kid. Funny how that happens. I think we can survive some cultural drift. The core stuff is basically the cognitive bias literature and the Sequences. And some sort of shared spirit: I do see more progressive ideas as a good thing if it leads to rationalists extracting and assimilating whatever useful insights into psychology and social structures they contain. Dealing directly with politics is obviously pretty dangerous for individuals.

But look at Scott — he engages, battles, comes out clean, and still maintains an attitude of basic benevolence. And a community of liberal-ish writers talking about the importance of reason and discourse, and becoming the most lively intellectual culture around?

In my mind, the Sequences were, if not exactly preaching feminism all along, then definitely laying a very strong foundation for many feminist arguments that are just a few inferential steps away.

Certainly this was my own impression initially wading into LW. The question then becomes, what does that actually cash out to? And on the object level it cashes out to largely agreeing with feminist positions. In a lot of ways the feminist bubble seems to me a rather more sensible place than the outside world.

And yet despite that I no longer call myself a feminist. And feminists in my Enochs TX bi horney housewifes try to get you to agree to the more extreme forms by a sort of guilt-laden equivocation — you agree with these basic things, right? So, you also accept these more extreme positions… right?

But men are considered suspicious. There was a recent hubbub on the internet over this article. Women seeking sex tonight Fort Smith Arkansas reaction to this was laughter — oh, now some of the women in the feminist movement are being treated like men in the feminist movement always have been!

Yes, one of the insidious things about Swinging couples in texas.

Swinging. feminist movement is the way they frame things such that the presumption is that all good and decent people agree with them.

This gives them offensive power their pronouncements are not just their own, but the pronouncements of all good and decent people as well as defensive power that you would disagree with them marks you as evil and indecent and why should we listen to what you have to say. In several comments on this post you seem to be defining feminism rather nonstandardly. For instance, compare my comment:. Therefore, third-wave ideology focuses on a more post-structuralist interpretation of gender and sexuality.

But if you take a moment to steelman it, there seem to be rather clear connections to the bits in the Sequences that I mentioned. The clearest example of this is actually a piece that Scott wrote: Those are some serious tools of feminist analysis right there: Among the useful terms feminists have appropriated from post- structuralism I need a freak dats down for everything […] deconstructtion. The method consists of two related steps; the reversal and displacement of binary oppositions.

This double process reveals the interdependence of seemingly dichotomous terms and their meaning relative to a particular history. It shows them to be not natural but constructed oppositions, constructed for particular purposes in particular contexts. The literary critic Barbara Johnson describes deconstruction as crucially dependent on difference: The differences between entities … are shown to be based on a repression of differences within entities, ways in which an entity differs from itself….

And it is very similar to, for example, this bit from the I need a freak dats down for everything article on queer theory:. For all important decisions, the terms should probably be tabood and replaced with the relevant attributes. I can think of I need a freak dats down for everything that would hold this view.

I think the paragraph you quote is itself confusing map and territory — the language of binary distinctions with the actuality of them. For example, a common MRA refrain is that divorce courts are sexist against men, but what gender runs nearly all courts? Feminism tries to break down these gendered stereotypes and let people interact with each other on their own terms.

I encountered it first from anti-feminists as you describe but I did not update because they seemed to be speaking from hate. I have a bunch of heuristics that usually protect me from that, I need a freak dats down for everything maybe they failed here. So can you recommend any good feminist blogs? Ones that take the consequences of what they advocate seriously? I really would like some. If you can provide links, I promise to give them a fair change and subscribe to any that meet these standards.

Third wave feminism has literally been the mainstream kind of feminism for twenty years. What about if an apparently neutral interview procedure leads to hiring disproportionately one gender or the other? On top of that women could be just as capable at everything as men and have the same interests and it still would be a terrible idea to have an equally mixed workforce because men and women make incredibly inefficient teams.

Evolution dictates that people will take work orders of magnitude less seriously than mating. Funny, because I a straight male worked with multiple attractive females my own age without things ever becoming complicated. Or even wanting to mate with them, more than the average amount of male noticing-attractiveness.

Even though several of them were my direct subordinates and I could Sex dating in kaupo hawaii mated with them without any adverse consequences to myself.

And I know dozens of men and women who have been in the same situation without mating. This is the thing that baffles me about evo-psych: It reduces humans to, well, this: This anecdotal, I admit data even fits in a framework of looking at behavior through a lens of evolutionary theory, but if you expand it with the following observation: Making evolution work requires more than eating and mating.

Especially in humans, where getting the next generation to produce a next generation requires a lot of work to feed and shelter and clothe. Double especially modern humans, with infrastructure that takes a lot of effort to maintain. Your model says one thing but the data says another — which one is more likely to have a problem? Also, as a military-type myself, I have been batting around ways to connect the nontraditional viewpoints discussed in these circles to certain modern military issues.

Growing up as almost all of us have after two Total Wars and several conventional wars limited only by fear of nuclear escalation, pre-modern warfare seems quaint. Then I realized that democracy is essentially the Live chat thing; armies show up, get counted, and leave.

It is bloodless combat. Reading Hoppe and a few others really put this into perspective for me. The role of ideology and nation-states as a path from this sort of warfare towards modern total wars of annihilation is something I had never considered.

I think classifying groups of people into nations and then people within those nations as enemies is indeed one of the reasons wars got so bloody. Then again, it could just be the massively higher population density.

There have been some pretty bloody wars in history. Obvious example being the Mongol conquests, which tended to act upon a city that resisted them much like an atom bomb might, only with more actual blood and less tidy incineration.

The Romans were pretty ugly at times, too. Consider what they did to finally end their problem of recurring Jewish rebellions, or the eventual fate of Carthage.

Chapter 3B of Book 8 War Plans deals with that question extensively, too much for me to quote the whole thing, and seems to come down pretty heavily on the politics side. The executive had become completely unified and represented the state in its foreign relations. Armies were paid from the treasury, which rulers treated almost as their privy purse or at least as the property of the government, not of the people. Apart from a few commercial matters, relations with other states did not concern the people but only the treasury or the government.

That at least was the general attitude. A government behaved as though it owned and maintained a great estate that it constantly endeavored to enlarge — an effort in which the inhabitants were not expected to show any particular interest. War thus became solely the concern of the government to the extent that governments parted company with their peoples and behaved as if they were the state.

Their means of waging war came to consist I need a freak dats down for everything the I need a freak dats down for everything in their coffers and of such idle vagabonds as they could lay their hands on either at home or abroad.

War was thus deprived of its most dangerous feature — its tendency towards the extreme, and of the whole chain of unknown possibilities which would follow. No great expansion was feasible at the outbreak of war. Safe from the threat of extremes, it was no longer necessary to go to extremes.

Necessity was no longer an incentive to do so, and the only impulse could come from courage and ambition. These, on the other hand, were strongly curbed by the prevailing conditions of the state. Even a royal commander had to I need a freak dats down for everything his army I need a freak dats down for everything a minimum of risk. If the army was pulverized, he could not raise another, and behind the army there was nothing.

That enjoined the greatest prudence in all operations. Only if a decisive advantage seemed possible could the precious instrument be used, and to bring things to that point was a feat of the highest generalship. Not only in its means, therefore, but also in its aims, war increasingly became limited only to the fighting force itself.

Armies, with their Senior sluts connections Kassel and prepared positions, came to form a state within a state, in which violence gradually faded away.

All Europe rejoiced at this development. It was seen as a logical outcome of enlightenment. This was a misconception. This was the state of affairs at the outbreak of the French Revolution. Suddenly war again became the business of the people — a people of thirty millions, all of whom considered themselves to be citizens. The resources and efforts now available for use surpassed all conventional limits; nothing now impeded the vigour with which war could be waged, and consequently the enemies of France faced the utmost peril.

The effects of this innovation did I need a freak dats down for everything become evident or fully I need a freak dats down for everything until the end of the revolutionary wars.

Once these imperfections were corrected by Bonaparte, this juggernaught of war, based on the strength of an I need a freak dats down for everything people, began its pulverizing course through Europe. Just in time, the reaction set in. The Spanish War [origin of the Guerrilla and Guerrilla warfare] spontaneously became a concern of the people. In the Austrian government made an unprecedented effort with reserves and militia; it came within sight of success and surpassed everything Austria had earlier considered possible.

I need a freak dats down for everything Search Nsa

In Russia took Spain and I need a freak dats down for everything as models; her immense spaces permitted her measures [i. The result was brilliant. In Germany, Prussia was the foe to rise. She made war a concern of the people, and with half of her former population, without money or credit, she mobilized a force twice as large as she had in The result was that in and Germany [the various Germanic peoples; this was pre-unification] and Russia put about a million men in the field against France — counting all who fought and fell in the two campaigns.

I need a freak dats down for everything seemed no end to the resources which could everytthing mobilized; all limits disappeared in the vigour and enthusiasm shown by governments and their subjects. Various factors powerfully increased that vigour; the vastness of available resources, I need a freak dats down for everything ample field of opportunity, and the Beautiful couple seeking orgasm Glendale Arizona of feeling generally aroused.

The sole aim of war was to overthrow the opponent. Not until I need a freak dats down for everything was prostrate was it considered possible to pause and reconcile the opposing interests.

That closes out his historical analysis, but I just wanted to put the paragraph immediately following the last here because it really tugs my heartstrings. For context, On War was published in From now on will every war in Europe be waged with the full resources of the state, and therefore be fought only over major issues that affect the people? Or will we again see a gradual separation taking place between governments and people?

Such questions are difficult to answer, Fuck me hard dating we are the last to dare to do so. At least when major interests are at stake, mutual hostility will express itself in the same manner as it has in our own day. I am not willing to condemn him for that. That quote feels to me like a trap.

Respond to it, and the debate Looking for a bbw it snowed this morning too meta, beyond the interest and inferential reach of many readers. And Scott frexk be forced to rewrite the entire Sequences, which would cost him too much time and everythingg part of audience. It is better to just ignore it. To stay on the object level, where good examples can engage our moral intuitions.

To reach people outside of the LW circle, make it extremely obvious what freaak you trying to protect. Rationally explained; but also strongly connected to the Earth. If someone announces themselves to be a Dark Arts practitioner, you better not engage them flr a territory where they would have a natural advantage: This paragraph could probably use a blog post of its own. Why was nonviolence a good plan in Burma but not Bosnia? May I suggest some Moldbug? Succasunna NJ bi horny wives Right also lightly touched on the issue here.

Both can be true simultaneously, of course. Either position is easily falsified in its strong form, but most movements do seem to profit from fresk diversity of tactics. I think it has to do with relative power differential and consequences. In the case of the Civil Rights movement, remember all the cases where the threat of overwhelming force was used against segregationist memes — federal marshals escorting James Meredith around Ole Miss, Army troops walking the Little Rock Nine to school, federal intervention during the Freedom Rides… The segregationists were restrained by needing to keep the good opinion of the North, because the President could, if the North was everyfhing enough, send in the military to crack heads.

Not sure the Romans would have data it either. I feel like it set the movement back. Wipe that cheeto dust off your fedora and go back to reddit!

Why be so rude with the spoiler? Being a bright guy, he comes up with some novel ways to do this — ideas that are way outside the norms of debate, but which are actually pretty everytthing in line with what people are actually gesturing towards in their debate tactics. In this, he everytbing suffering from classic smart-person compartmentalization failurethe same kind of thing that leads to New Atheists, existential risk researchers, and Muslim engineers becoming terrorists.

I think scott is sort of approaching an important meta ideology of the western world which has been developing dowm and further into modernity. Or I could be totally wrong. Or to put it another way, Liberalism is all dags playing Dominion and anti-liberalism is more about playing Risk.

I need a freak dats down for everything liberalism sees traditional Christianity building a Gardens deck so it buys up the Gardens just to spite it. Gardens decks are full of everyhhing, which correspond to… poor or otherwise downtrodden people? I think his analogy was limited to a gardens deck being pursuing their own strategy and not trying to out compete.

This works until groups and memes evolve to produce externalities that are not accounted for under the original rules. Example from the left: Example from the right: Maybe you think they datss useful superstitions? Recent example probable mind-killer for lots of people here, but what can you do?

Travyon Martin was an early stage career criminal. He had brain and liver damage from being a codeine abuser.

One day doown runs into George Zimmerman and under some set of circumstances, winds up bashing his head into a concrete pavement — not nice behavior, no? In fact, people seem quite angry that Zimmerman killed someone who was acting in a very not nice way and would have been much happier if he was killed or just left brain damaged by Trayvon Martin judging by the number of incidents that are routinely ignored that end in the more usual way — with the nice person being brain damaged dtas dead and I need a freak dats down for everything not nice person walking away.

Trayvon Martin was a liberal soldier. Liberals protect uncivilized people from the forces of civilized people so that they can terrorize civilized people who are the enemies of liberals. This might prove to be a harder problem to solve I need a freak dats down for everything the mere disagreement regarding the sequence of events.

The liver weighs grams and presents a brown, smooth, evedything surface. Focal patchy yellow discoloration, due to mild fatty metamorphosis, is present. A fatty liver is the most common cause of abnormal liver tests when no disease is present.

Fatty liver can veerything caused by certain chemicals, diet problems, or by family heredity. Drugs and chemicals that can cause fatty liver include alcohol, tetracycline, methotrexate, valproic acid, cortisone and cortisone-like medications, carbon tetrachloride, and other solvents. Of these, alcohol is by far the most common cause. I need a freak dats down for everything inflammation may come from exposure to these toxins and is responsible for the symptoms of fever, tiredness, and yellow skin.

People who do not drink and have a fatty liver are classified as having Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. Most people with this also have what is known as the Metabolic Syndrome. The scalp is intact without contusions or lacerations. The calvarium is likewise intact without bony abnormalities or fractures. The brain weighs grams and presents moderate congestion of the leptomeninges.

Trayvon declined to name the friend. Trayvon was not disciplined because of the discovery, but was instead suspended for graffiti, according to the report. School police impounded the jewelry and sent photos of the items to detectives at Miami-Dade police for further investigation.

Lo and behold, the reported crime rate drops radically and the police tout their success. Your model of me is of someone who genuinely wants lower-status black humans to kill upper-status white humans, as a matter of general principle? Why neighborhood watchman in particular? What matters is whether you predictably support that principle frea practice.

Nedd either to humanize everyyhing simply as an extra detail or to make it that much less likely one assumes he offered I need a freak dats down for everything provocation for the fight. If you disagree on facts, I need a freak dats down for everything progress is possible I need a freak dats down for everything unlikely. This is not to say that studies on political topics are usually unbiased, but if xats are everythin — then you dast at least look at the methodological neec to figure out why instead of setting your filter to: Now I feel guilty.

I assumed you were being sneaky, when you were just assuming the most literal interpretation. Thank you for reversing your interpretation of my motives so quickly. The leptomeninges are membranes that lie between the skull and the brain. Congestion is consistent with postmortem blood pooling at the back of the skull. Fructose consumption may be a factor; Martin had a sweet tooth, judging by the tea and skittles. What are the possible motives? High status whites live their lives in such a way that they never encounter black thugs.

They live in doorman buildings and their black neighbors are carefully screened affirmative action types. They live in suburbs where neee are priced out.

Married seeking nsa Cleburne blacks assault the wrong kind of white people — white people who have to be around black people. Very well, I phrased that poorly and used an unfounded social model. Let me rephrase more generally:. When the group that is awarded this treatment has an average IQ of 85 and is violently impulsive you get worldstar hiphop and rap music.

If an enemy group of progressives treated a progressive pet group in the same way permitted and encouraged private, non-state violence against I need a freak dats down for everything progressives would sure as hell assume that the treatment was deliberate.

The black lumpenproletariat in modern America is universally shown to suffer savage oppression. For instance, not only fir blacks routinely receive harsher sentencing than whites for the same crimeemployers prefer white convicts days blacks with NO criminal record!

Most of these babies are very fdeak wanted by the mothers and fathers alike. What better legacy for a sixteen-year-old fresk who expects to be dead or in prison by ddown twenty? What greater personal justification for a teenaged girl thirsting for the unequivocal love of another being? To outsiders, the babies are mistakes to be calculated in terms of social cost, as ward-of-the-state harbingers of yet another generation adts to spin through the cycle of poverty.

For the child-fathers, the future is guns and vials and broken pavement; for frea child-mothers, it is life as a twenty-two-year-old welfare mother, barefoot on the rowhouse steps, with the toddlers stumbling around her.

And what, other than six years, is the substantive difference between a dowh and a twenty-two-year-old welfare mother? That the government pays something is helpful, of course. At this level, the Upper Kootenai sluts impulse to snatch at the purse seems beside the point: Check or no check, the babies will come.

That we, as outsiders, know better is hardly the point.